Cannot find Smart Lighting in new app after migration

I have a “Smart Lights” Smartapp set up to control two lights in the classic app.

When I “migrated” everything over to the new app, there is no way to edit, delete or otherwise even see this SmartApp in the new app, yet the motion triggered lighting is still firing.

I reinstalled the classic app and the SmartApp is still showing up in the light’s SmartApps tab. I guess I could edit it there and make changes, but that seems suboptimal.

Does anyone know how/if it’s possible to edit original SmartApps for devices in the new app or is that just something they didn’t implement?

I guess I could delete the original SmartApp and add an automation in the new app, but:

  1. Why didn’t this migrate over like my other automations
  2. Are SmartApps deprecated in the new app altogether?

Smartlighting is supported - should still be there listed under SamrtApps.

If it’s not you may need to contact support…

There have been a number of reports of Smart Lighting being thought to have been region locked and so not available for all users in the new app, but I’m not clear what the situation is when the app is already installed in your location. More generally Smart Lighting should appear with other legacy and new apps in the ‘Add SmartApp’ menu and the ‘SmartApps’ menu so if it isn’t there I think you might like to contact Support.

Legacy apps can be edited just as easily in the new app as in the Classic app. They might look a little different and some fit more naturally with the slight differences in the environment, but generally they are fine.

Bear in mind that the mobile apps are just front ends. Legacy apps haven’t been moved anywhere so they will just keep running as they were.

  1. The migration only affected certain legacy services that were being withdrawn with the Classic app in favour of newer integrations with similar capabilities: so app wise that was Hello Home! (Routines and some support apps), SHM and Smart Lock.
  2. I don’t recall any strong message to that effect, but it has been stated that the days of the legacy Groovy SmartApps are numbered so clearly anyone using one ought to at least be keeping a watch on developments. SmartApps built using one of the new integrations certainly aren’t deprecated.

Thanks both for the reply. This was sadly user-error. I expected to find “SmartApps” associated directly with the device as they are on the classic app (on a tab), but you find them by going through the SmartApps menu.

Still getting used to this new app.