Smart Lighting (new plugin version)

Wow! Somehow I missed that! Thanks!

On a Smartbulb, the color temperature setting was just a slider and I couldn’t set the number manually. Also, the color is WOW. It does both Swatches and Spectrum using Hex codes, and Spectrum had a Saturation slider.


I noticed that children devices are now available. Example the channels 1-5 of a Zooz zen20 can now be accessed. Before it was just the main on/off


I seem to have it installed without the requirement for an add-on. I notice that all the other SmartApps have gone. Still makes no sense it being under Create Routine > Discover.


What are people’s thoughts on if there might be an automatic migration? As someone noted earlier, I am hesitant to even download it if that’s going to block any migration as I have a ton of automations in there.

To answer some of your questions & provide context:

  1. We removed the Groovy version of SmartLighting from the “Discover” automations tab & replaced it with the Plugin version.

  2. Users with the Groovy version of SmartLighting already installed can still interact with it by selecting it in the “Automations” tab. This means that users who already had the Groovy version installed may continue to use it but those that haven’t will only have access to the Plugin version.

  3. We will be performing an automatic migration in the future - having both versions installed at that time will not cause any problems. If you want to try the new version now or would prefer to migrate your automations yourself you can do so. Prior to Groovy SmartApp support officially ending, any remaining Groovy SmartLighting automations will be migrated - there will be separate communications for this.

  4. These automations do run locally - adhering to the same eligibility rules as Custom Routines. I shared the request for a local execution indicator with the team.

  5. We have increased the limit of Routines & Scenes to account for users with a large number of Routines & SmartLighting automations - the limit is now 1000 Routines and/or Scenes.


Yay! :sunglasses:

Just checking: Do Smart Lighting automations created with the new plug in count against that same limit?


Do you need more than 1000?


Yes, the Plugin automations count against the 1000 limit.


Thanks. I expect 1000 will be enough for most community members, I’m just sure someone’s going to ask. :wink:


I’m curious how you picked and chose who to increase the limit to 1000 routines and scenes for.

So you did not do this across-the-board for everybody. How was it decided who gets the 1000 limit? @vlad

to account for users with a large number” - everyone’s getting it because some users are hitting the limit. (I think)


@MarkTr is correct, we increased the overall limit on the platform for all Locations. In regards to the 1000 number - we looked at the distribution of install counts of Smart Lighting, Custom Routines & Scenes. At 1000, we are able to migrate all Locations and have some buffer left over.


How does someone even keep track of 1000 routines/Scenes. etc. ?


LOTS of scrolling :rofl:

Seriously, that would be a chore.
I have 11 screens of just routines, plus half a screen from the new Smart Lighting app.

Hopefully at some point there will be a way to collapse all rules for a single device.
For example, the light in my office has 11 routines associated with it. 4 are time of day based, the rest are as a result of having the Ikea 5-button remote connected to it.


Thank you for such a quick and clear answer. On top of it being what I wanted to hear (and more), it’s appreciated that it would give me the info I was looking for even if not the answer I wanted.


Very welcome news. Thank you.

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Is the new version of “Smart lighting” (no capital L :wink:) also region locked?

Is the 1000 limit scenes+routines+smart lighting+other rules api automations?


Has anyone checked what all the “sync with switch” function does? On/off only? Dim level? Color?

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On/off and dimmer for me in the test i just did.

White colours didn’t change on the target bulb when i changed the source bulb.

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