Smart Lighting Issue with Set Color and Level

I didn’t see anybody else post about this so I thought I’d see if anybody has run into this.

Just got an Aeon Minimote and a OSRAM Lightify RGBW bulb. Both work great, with one exception.

If I use the Smart Lighting smart app and try to Turn on & Set Color everthing works except the dimmer level. Whatever level was set previously remains. If I use the Turn on & Set Level option, it sets the level perfectly.

It is almost like the forgot the set dimmer level command in the smart app for Turn On & Set Color. Normally you can just go browse the smartthings GitHub and grab the code, modify, and use your own but it appears the Smart Lighting is not available so no go on that.

Anybody run into this? Wondering if I could get the code or them to fix by opening a support case…


If you check the quick browse list for lighting in the community-created wiki there are a number of custom smart apps there that work with the Osram bulbs:

This is weird. Can you shoot a note over to support@ so we can flag this for investigation?

@JDRoberts eh, thats kind of a lame answer. The bulbs are listed as supported by smartthings, it should work.

@Aaron will do, thanks.

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Can replicate this with LIFX Color 1000 bulbs and a regular ST motion sensor when creating a smart app to trigger a light level and color based off of motion on the ST motion sensor.


  • ST Motion sensor detects motion
  • SmartApp triggers and does “Turn On & Set Color” with the options of Color: Blue and Dimmer Level: 10%
  • LIFX Bulb is then set to Blue at 10% dimmer level.


  • LIFX Bulb turns on and is set to proper color of blue, but turns on at the previous brightness level it was set at.

It appears that in the case of “Turn On & Set Color” in the smart lighting smart app, the Dimmer Level parameter is ignored.

“Turn On & Set Color” still seems not to set the dimmer level correctly, is there a way to check status on this issue?

I heard back from support today. They were able to replicate the issue on their side and say they are gathering more info. They said they will keep me updated and I will post back here when I hear back.


@bs87 any update from support on this one? i keep hacking around it with some changes I made to the Gentle Wake Up app to support color along with the dimmer level it already supported. but, would love to simplify by using the set color option. thanks.

Never heard back. Switched to another SmartApp and had to customize it a bit to get the colors\temperatures I want but seems to work.

Wouldn’t expect to hear anything from SmartThings really, their communication is pretty terrible.

Too bad. Forcing us to hack things shouldn’t be the norm. Regular users will just move on when these features don’t work as expected.

Agreed - I’ve gone over to Home Assistant for lighting because I still can’t get set the colour temperature on Hue Bulbs. Which are ‘fully’ supported according to SmartThings. Crazy.

I believe I am using Button Controller - Enhanced Lighting with some modifications to color\temperature. Wasn’t terribly difficult to tweak but took some trial and error to find what I wanted.

CoRE should be able to handle this also but might be a bit excessive for such a simple use case. I have switched to CoRE for most automation but this one I have not converted yet.

Not a big user of color bulbs. I have 1 Aeon and the ONLY way I could get smart lighting to work is use 2 separate SL apps = one sets color and level and 1 turns it on.

I have 5-6 uses where I do this. Door a is open = red, light b on = green , etc…