OSRAM Lightify Bulb Color Scale is off

I have had an OSRAM Lightify Color Bulb (65W Equivalent Multi-Color and Adjustable White BR30 SMART LED Light Bulb) for the past month connected through smart things with no Lightify Hub. It has worked great until recently.

Whenever I change the Color temperature (which used to change whatever the settings currently are to a standard white-yellow scale) It now just sets it to Blue (higher temps) or a very dim yellow (Lower temps). I am thinking maybe some of the Orange/Yellow LEDs broke so it is mixing the color with a missing ingredient, leaving it Blue.

I have unplugged it, Excluded it, Re-installed it several times and get the same thing.

Anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?


I’m seeing the same thing. Color control within ST is exactly like you say, but color control from Google Assistant is spot on. I think Google Assistant works through ST to control the bulb, so not sure how it gets the colors correct. That shows the bulb can make the correct colors, not broken. From within ST, using Gentle Wake doesn’t work as the start color is a bright blue white, not a warm sunrise. No idea how to address this.

I’ve been doing a lot of debugging on my own RGB device handler and I’ve learned that Google and Amazon send down the color command as a hue and saturation. Go into your IDE live logging and then try the command through the ST app and then the same command through Alexa or GH. You should see A-line that tells you what settings are being passed to the bulb, I’d be curious to know if those numbers are different when they should be the same.

I’ll do that tonight and get back to you.

I haven’t forgotten, just been away. I will try this as soon as I can.

Interesting find:
Google Home sets color correctly
Smartthings from Thing sets color correctly
Gentle Wake Up does not.