Smart Lighting turning stuff on/off randomly

I have two switches that seem to be turning themselves on and off randomly via Smart Lighting. Looking through the Recent tab I can see the SL rule names associated with each event.

First one is supposed to turn on at sunset, off at sunrise. Today it turned off a sunrise, on at 10:58am, off at 11:07am, on at sunset, off at 7:22pm, on at 8:42pm, off at 8:43pm.

Second one is supposed to turn on at midnight and off at 8am. Today it did the normal thing, then turned on at 10:58am, off at 11:07am, on at 7:22pm, off at 8:42pm, on at 8:43pm.

After I typed this out I realized that the times were the same for both.

I have one other time-based SL rule that seems to have behaved itself today.

Anyone else have random events like this today?

Not today but I had CoRE pistons firing randomly yesterday???

Something odd going on:

SmartLighting has been goobered up for me since the time change. It’s a toss-up whether or not two of the lights in my Den grouping (3 Cree bulbs, an Osram and a smart plug) will come on with the others.

Check your home location in the app, ensure it’s set correctly.

If it’s correct you might want to drop a note to support.

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I have had a few things going weird today. First my outlet should go off after 180 minutes, it is et through Power Allowance, that failed. The a WeMo in wall switch went offline and wouldn’t automatically connect after the net came back. Strange Things going on today.

It is set correctly, and I’m in AZ so no time change for us. I just deleted the SL rules and moved them to CoRE.

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