Smart Lighting turning stuff on/off randomly

(Chris) #1

I have two switches that seem to be turning themselves on and off randomly via Smart Lighting. Looking through the Recent tab I can see the SL rule names associated with each event.

First one is supposed to turn on at sunset, off at sunrise. Today it turned off a sunrise, on at 10:58am, off at 11:07am, on at sunset, off at 7:22pm, on at 8:42pm, off at 8:43pm.

Second one is supposed to turn on at midnight and off at 8am. Today it did the normal thing, then turned on at 10:58am, off at 11:07am, on at 7:22pm, off at 8:42pm, on at 8:43pm.

After I typed this out I realized that the times were the same for both.

I have one other time-based SL rule that seems to have behaved itself today.

Anyone else have random events like this today?

(Paul) #2

Not today but I had CoRE pistons firing randomly yesterday???

Something odd going on:


SmartLighting has been goobered up for me since the time change. It’s a toss-up whether or not two of the lights in my Den grouping (3 Cree bulbs, an Osram and a smart plug) will come on with the others.


Check your home location in the app, ensure it’s set correctly.

If it’s correct you might want to drop a note to support.

(Joel W) #5

I have had a few things going weird today. First my outlet should go off after 180 minutes, it is et through Power Allowance, that failed. The a WeMo in wall switch went offline and wouldn’t automatically connect after the net came back. Strange Things going on today.

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(Chris) #6

It is set correctly, and I’m in AZ so no time change for us. I just deleted the SL rules and moved them to CoRE.