Smart Life / Smarthings -- valve for leaks

Hello I was able to setup a smart life compatible valve on my water lines. I wanted to link it all up to smart things so that if one of my various water leak sensors goes off the valve closes. I realize the valve is not directly compatible. I was able to create a smart life tap to run which exposed the valve as a switch to smart things. I can’t add that switch to leak sensors. I am familiar with webcore but i can’t seem to get webcore to see the valve. Anyone have tips on how to achieve a setup with smart life / smart things and a valve/leak sensor?

Download @blueyetisoftware Virtual Hub Edge driver and use it to create a virtual valve.

Then write 2 automations in ST to toggle the SmartLife tap and runs that were imported into ST.

  1. If virtual valve is open then toggle the ON switch imported into ST.

  2. If the virtual valve is closed then toggle the OFF switch imported into ST.

You can also use the Home Monitor feature in ST. You leak sensors appear there. In the settings, you can define a response to a leak, which is where you can do things like control valves. It wouldn’t be local at this point, but is the standard ST solution to this. In the response you can also perform other actions like notifications or turn on cameras.

thanks, this worked. I kept it simple - wrote a smart life trigger tap to automate that closes. I trigger that with any of my home sensors being wet. Appears very fast. The valve closes immediately when the sensor is wet.