Smart Labs/Apps.. Can't find how to add from Android

Need Help… I got a Sonos for X-Mas and went to try and trigger a specific sound based on a trigger and with the newer Android App i can’t find where to add the Smart Labs. Feel like such a noob since it was soo easy to find with the old app.

Basically looking to do a variation of this How To: Trigger a Lightsaber Noise with SmartThings & Sonos however this guide appears to be outdated too!!

Thanks, i want to keep the Sonos if i can get it to trigger the sounds.

Have you looked under ***“Marketplace/Smartapps/Music and Sounds”***???

Yes, and the closest option is to have it to start or stop the player based on a trigger through the Speaker Control app. Which works, but it simply stops or starts and doesn’t have any way to pick the sound.

I would like to specify a sound to play… unless i’m missing something.

Anyone know where the SmartLabs went?

All the SmartApps are now lumped in Marketplace, including those that were categorized as “*SmartLabs”. The category is gone, but many of the SmartApps still exist.

If the SmartApp is not in Marketplace, search the Community and/or the SmartThings Public Github for code that you can paste yourself in the IDE.