Notify with sound

I have read about Sonos notify with sound, but it does not appear in my SMARTAPPS>MUSIC & SOUNDS list.
The only three SONOS options are: Sonos Control / Sonos Mood Music / Sonos Weather Forecast

Can anyone help ?

Yeah you want > marketplace > speakers > sonos > top smart apps > smartthings labs.

Simple and definitely not hidden away due to it being fairly unreliable :wink:

Hope that helps!

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thanks for that …“barkings dog and lightsabers” greet us when we now enter by the front door !

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Haha. You can specify a custom message. Better still, ditch it and set stuff up through Rule Machine.

yeah, I am experimenting right now … as for "rule machine!, I am still at first base with this new technology. I am gonna need a hefty manual to get my head around that one !