How do I Get to Smarthings Labs?

How do I get to Smarthings Labs. I know it says to hit the Plus icon on the dashboard, but I don’t have the option available? See attached image. Am I missing something here?

I think Labs is gone. You may find what you’re looking for by clicking Marketplace then SmartApps

I’m looking for the Sonos Notify Me app.

They removed Sonos a few weeks back because it wasn’t working properly, or that is what has been reported.

Here is an alternative

This is great. I’m new to Smarthings, just installed today. How do I use this. I dont see where to download?

You’re going to want to go here this is where you can install new device types that ST doesn’t official support as well as smart apps that are created by the community. You can also see the live logs from your ST hub here as well in case you have something that isn’t working the way that you think it should.

Got this going. Are you using it? I’m trying to use it to set up sounds when doors open… I find it very delayed and buggy, just curious if your having the same issues.

Not currently, I have used it and sonos notify. I’m currently using a different solution completely. I’d post in the above post with questions or concerns. Be sure you’ve looked through the thread to see if your question is already posted/answered.