Sonos and Motion Sensor

Prior to the new App version of SmartThings (v1 Hub) I had a SmartApp which would play a sound through a Sonos speaker when a motion detector detected motion. That functionality seems to have gone away and the only options i have are to sound a siren.

We use this to help alert us when a child goes downstairs overnight…so that we get a relatively quiet reminder that wakes us and not a screaming alarm.

How can I get that functionality back?

Do you remember the name of the smartapp? Many of the old apps appearto have vanished, but are in fact still there. To check, go into the IDE and select one of your existing smartapps. if nothing is listed, just create a dummy one - doesn’t matter what you type in there. Once you have an app you can select, do so. You’ll then see a text link in the upper right, “Browse SmartApp Templates.” Click the link and search for your missing smartapp in the scrolling list. There are currently six in there containing the word “Sonos” (“Sonos Notify with Sound” sounds promising).

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Thank you…it worked!
I wish ST had bothered to mention the disappearing apps during the conversion.