Smartlabs in new mobile app...where?

Ok, I’m a relative newbee (3-4 weeks), but where did Smartlabs go in the new mobile app? Can’t find it…can’t figure out how to add it. I’m sure this is an easy question…just need some help.

Hey @miketx,

We’ve removed the “Labs” category as we’re trying to make sure that everything we release going forward is a great experience rather than a “This is in Labs so forgive us if something doesn’t work”. That being said, some items are still legacy labs integrations and when you go to add them in the new UX you will see they have “(Labs)” next to their name. Example of this is the “Sonos (Labs)”.

Can we install the legacy app? I’m finding a LOT of the “fun” things that I wanted to do with this system are now unavailable or missing with this new app. For example, where is the “Sonos Notify with Sound” app?

Same here…! I got the new hub for Christmas & have spent the weekend trying to rebuild the environment I already had…! I too am trying to find my Sonos Notify “(Labs)” to play weather alert via Sonos at a scheduled time. Nothing like getting the weather while brushing teeth in bathroom in the morning…! Among other things… Upgrading to new hub has been frustrating & disappointing thus far…!

Just received my smartthings today from the States (I live in Netherlands, Europe). One of the main reasons i bought it was the Sonos voice feature. After spending a few frustrating hours trying to find it and reading your articles (wich haven’t been updated) I now have to find out it’s been removed?? Is there anyway around so we can still use it? Thnx in advance!