Smart Home Ventilation App

Is anybody using the Smart Home Ventilation App? I’ve installed it a couple of days ago and it does absolutely nothing. The associated switch is not triggered by any schedule in any scenario.

Same here. Hoping to get this and Energy Alerts to come to life.

Same (lack of) behavior when I tried using it a few months ago.

Me too, just got the 40 amp zwave outdoor switch switch works fine but ventilation app does not work to switch anything…what am I missing??
Anybody have it working for anything, how about another app to control it? Any suggestions

Is this the one from the MarketPlace? If so, I am the author of that app. Can you post a screenshot of your app page to see how it is configured and we can see if it needs an update (I wrote it a while ago…)

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GE indoor outdoor smartswitch (40 AMP) 12726

It has been a while, but I believe the issue MIGHT be that you have the scenario 4 at the bottom, but it technically should go in order from mid-night on. I will have to dust off the code a bit to see what is going on with this, but I wrote this before the advent of parent/child apps, so I actually had to ‘trick’ SmartThings into doing more than 4 schedules.

Let me know if that helps…If not, I will need you to create a schedule with one entry so you can watch live logging and see when it actually goes off. I will find the code and also see what might be going on.

Scenerio 4 is where it was when installed, how about one with only one Scenerio?
Bet it would get a lot of use…lol

Sorry…l.meant the 1am to 3am item (4th down) in the scenario you already have.

I changed it last night (had a duh moment then got it)
Still does not work

Ok…Are you familiar with the Live Logging…I recommend blanking everything out and starting with a clean schedule that starts about 5 minutes from now, and watch the live logging to see what items are being sent by the app.

It seems that this app is not working correctly. It doesn’t log anything and the on/off commands are not being executed.

I am going to ask SmartThings to depreciate that app…I even went to the Smart Lighting app now for my home ventilation. This app was designed before the whole parent/child app structure so it has limitations.

This app will be deprecated by SmartThings on July 5th: