2021 ventilation smartApp?

Hey folks! Moved from Classic to the New ‘Better’ app. Need a way to control ventilation fan in my garage. What happened to the ventilation smartApp? Did any replace it?

Basically in need this fan to kick off every hour for 15 minutes?

I am open to any other ideas?


This can be done by creating 2 automations.

  1. Create an automation that every day at a certain time, for example at 00:00, activates the fan and turns it off 15 minutes later.
  2. Create another automation with the part “If” the Fan is off and add it to be off for 45 minutes.
    In the “then” part, Activate Fan and turn it off after 15 minutes.

It’s like a pendulum, you turn it on once and it’s already swinging all day.

I have tested it with a virtual switch with 2 minutes off and 1 minute on. I put screenshot

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Sorry, I got 15 minutes on and 45 off. :see_no_evil:

change the times in automations

Thanks guys!

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1 step Automation process now, probably a recent ST update?? ex: IF device status is off for 3 seconds, THEN device Turn on; turn off after 5 seconds. I did need to 1st turn the device OFF to get it running. :slight_smile:

Just tried this with a virtual switch. In the ‘new’ SmartThings app, under SmartApps, click the 3 dots, select SmartThings Labs, Virtual Switch. Create the switch then make your 1-step Automation for the timer. Worked for me.

That is why i think it’s good create the first automation or turn switch on-off with quick controls, to start the process automatically and you make sure that if due to any failure the procedure stops, it automatically resumes once a day.
For example, if there is a power outage and the user has no battery backup or an internet outage, the automation could stop.
It always can be started manually by turning the fan switch on and then off.

I see what you’re saying now, thanks! :smile: And thank you for your post explaining the process- I didn’t think this on/off timer was possible inside the app without resorting to Webcore or other overkill-craziness.

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I forgot to tell you, yes, this is new for automations.
They added being able to put a condition of how long open, closed, on, off, locked, unlocked.
The only thing to keep in mind is that the delay clock does not start until the automation is triggered with a new event.
For motion sensors it already existed before, but now it does not work, if you set the condition that motion is detected for x time, the automation will not be triggered. It is in the repair process according to the support email.

Can the new event simply be turning off the physical (smart) switch on the wall? To get my rule to run I turned it off via the SmartThings app. I have much to learn… Thank you!

Yes, it does not matter whether it is fed from the switch or from the app

Thank you Mariano- you’ve been very helpful!

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You’re welcome, here we all learn from all