Bathroom Fan Switch Automation isn’t Working

Hello, I had this all set up on my previous hub, however, since I had to start over from scratch I am struggling with what is probably a simple issue. I have a GE Fan Switch Zwave in my master bathroom. We usually turn it on with Alexa and before through SmartThings it would stay on for 10 minutes and then simply shut off which is all I am after here. I feel stupid asking, however, I have tried setting automation up with the fan and It never shuts off. Thanks A lot.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:. Can you post screenshots of the automation that isn’t working?

Or instead of configuring an automation, just set a timer to turn off the switch on the device page which will create the automation for you?

JD, I can set a timer in the device itself, however its a one shot deal. After it shuts the fan off the timer function shuts itself off and does not refire the next time. I deleted the automation I tried, I can do it again and post what that looked like. I just can’t figure out how I had it working before :slight_smile:

Try this automation:

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Thank you, I will give it a try, appreciate it very much !

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I Tried it , setting a minute and it is still running 4 minutes later :frowning:

Do you have any other automations or SmartApps controlling that device?

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Man I feel dumb. I had two devices called Fan, the old one was carried over from the hub transfer, I simply had to choose the other “Fan” and we are now Golden !!! Thank you, I figured it out after seeing it said Motion Sensors below Fan. Thanks A lot


Cool, no worries glad you figured it out!

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135 more devices to go !!!


better get more beer. Then issues won’t grate so much.

Still working thru my own hub-v1 retirement. It really helps me understand if the old device was important or not. Physical switches are nice.

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