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(Greg) #21

I’m not sure why when I quote you I lose your numbering, but here goes.

  1. Yes just set up to arm/disarm in the routine settings. I have multiple modes that call for armed away and/or disarm

  2. I would just use the “goodbye” routine to arm when you leave via presence. If you prefer the physical switch, I would tie a routine to the switch instead of just the mode change, but that’s just me

  3. Yes, use the contact book (I understand it hasn’t been pushed to everyone yet)

  4. I have requested this as well. Right now I have to dig into Room/Things to disarm the siren. You should be able to silence it with a routine like you could with Smart Alarm. All my intrusion alarms have been false so far, including the one that just happened to me. I see in the SHM you can mute the sirens, but even that is several clicks deep. It’s just not easy to get to when the siren is blaring in your ear and your wife is screaming at you.

(Bobby) #22

here is an idea for #4. I am looking for a solution too…

(Realy Living Dream) #23

Can I borrow that SHM manual when you are done with it. I lost mine, pretty sure it is with the Wife 1.0 manual .


Is Smart Home Monitor only for iOS? I have version 2.0.2 build 200205 on android and don’t see it. (Hub v2)

(Geko) #25

You need to contact

(Bryan) #26

I have no SHM in my Dashboard on Android, my wife does not either on IOS. Just “You do not have any solutions yet.”

I have read over in the UK/Ireland support several have had this fixed by support quickly.

I can’t really keep going with ST until this is fixed. Yes, I have emailed support three days ago, and to top it off, the support site is down from my computer or phone. Not starting off well at all…I know that was a Saturday, and I will admit I am impatient. I patiently waited for almost a year on V2, then this just takes the excitement out.

Anyone have any ideas? Feel like the community may be of more support than the real support. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have the option to chat support(might be US timings)? That’s what I did, and once the account info was provided it was fixed in a min…

(Bryan) #28

I tried today but the support site was down, chat just said due to the overwhelming support chat is down.

Thank you.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #29

My Requested Enhancements…

  1. Bypass Zones - Ability to add rooms/things to a special bypass list.
  2. Entry/Exit Delays.
  3. A keypad “Thing” - Allows anyone to arm/disarm (using PINs) without smarthings app access or carrying something.
  4. Cellular Backup.
  5. Ability to configure Smarthings to alert with different tones based on event.
  6. Radio Jam Alert - Zwave/Zigbee/Other Radio Coms Loss = Alert
  7. Instant Alert/Siren Zone - This is somewhat configurable already, but there should just be a special zone in SHM that if a sensor in this zone is tripped no mater the state the siren goes off, etc.

(Tamara) #30

The community is helpful for many things, but I am pretty sure that if the SHM is missing, that’s something support has to fix.

(Max) #31

how do i use presence of me and my family members to arm and disarm the smart home monitor?

(Tamara) #32

Create routines that arm and disarm and trigger them based on departure/arrival.

For instance, this is the routine I use to disarm when someone comes home:


I have SHM set to Disarm when performing the “I’m Back” routine. I also have a minimote that has a button mapped to perform “I’m Back” (I want to use this button as a “silence” button in case the alarm trips unexpectedly).
This used to work fine with SmartAlarm, but with SHM, it looks like disarming SHM doesn’t actually silence a currently active alarm. Not sure why that is - it seems like it should.
Any ideas how to use a minimote button to silence an active alarm??

(Greg) #34

I ran into this issue as well. I think we were all just used to how Smart Alarm did stuff and expected SHM to behave the same. The fix is in your I’m back routine just go into “turn off these lights or switches” and you should be able to select your siren.

A word of caution. if you run a routine to silence the alarm (for false alarms) like I do, make sure you still go into SHM and formally dismiss the incident. If you leave and rearm SHM without first clearing the incident SHM will not sound the siren or send notifications again.

(Bobby) #35

You can dismiss alerts from a minimote with IFTTT…see thread below

(Will) #36

I second (or third or forth…) the call for entry and exit delays. Man is it annoying to have to clear those every time I leave. This should resolve itself once we can add other users since I’ll be able to use presence, but right now I do’t even set it anymore because when I’m running in and out all day it is just too many steps to have to constantly clear door and motion alerts. Even the option for a global delay of say 3-5 minutes would be awesome.

However outside of that it does to function as advertised and I’m happy being able to monitor the whole house relatively easily on my phone.

(Dave Rowley) #37

I’m in the same boat. For the times when geofencing doesn’t kick in and disable the alarm, I have my Yale YRD240 lock run a routine after a user successfully enters a PIN (using this app from @RBoy). Unfortunately, I usually end up with a false alarm - or worse, my wife does…because the routine can’t run/disarm SHM by the time the open/close sensor gets tripped and sets off the siren. This particular issue would be resolved if I could specify a 2-5 second entry delay in SHM to give @RBoy’s app enough time to communicate with SmartThings and run the Disarm routine.

I know this has also been posted in other places, such as Smart Home Monitor LIVE!, so can @slagle or @Dianoga or someone else at SmartThings chime in to let us know if this is even planned for development?

( - Make your home your butler!) #38

@drowl87 here’s a little “hack” in the meanwhile. Since it appears the SHM gets notified of the motion before the Lock User Management App gets notified of the unlock code, try this:

  1. I’ve created a routine to “Disarm and change the mode”. All this routine does is to change the mode to Home and then Turn off the Alarm. I’ve configured the Lock Mgmt app to run this Routine in addition to disarming the SHM.
  2. I’ve also configured the lock mgmt app to turn off the alarm (switch) when a code is entered.

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #39

True story…it works too! I’ve had no issues since installing this code.

(Scott) #40

I triggered a FALSE ALARM in SHM last night - got home late from an Super Bowl Party - activated my “GOOD EVENING” routine to shut garage door, set lights, etc. - then stuck my iPhone in my pocket before closing it, and apparently “butt set” ST to “Away” - at which point the alarms when off, texts were sent, etc.

I turned everything off - set SHM to Home. Then went into SHM to DISMISS the False Alarm. It will not reset back to normal. I have tried several times, I see NOTIFICATIONS that “Alarm cleared/canceled.” But still the red exclamation triangle is on the SHM status page.

I have tried resetting my home from IDE, and changing which lights get turned on turning an Intrusion Alarm (in an attempt to reset the script). Nothing seems to work to clear this ALERT from SHM page.

Is this a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong??