Smart home monitor will revert to arm even though i disarmed

Have a problem with All SmartHome Monitors on all apps acting Strangely. Anyone else having this problem.
If it won’t arm after just disarming then the V2 app will say server offline.
The classic app will say migration issue but now nothing.
I had to disable all SHM due to not being able to disarm.
Anyone else Had this issue.

The warning of “Migration issue” despite not having migrated is a known issue.

It sounds like you are using both Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app and SmartThings Home Monitor in the new app which isn’t advised and might be related to the issues you are seeing. While you technically can use both apps side-by-side, I would recommend only using one. If the features you need are available, I would remove SHM from the Classic app and just use the new app.

Thank you for your reply Brad.
I did that And it is still suffering the same issue. Its as if the server does not disarm and register and maintains arming the SHM on both apps. I deleted SHM on the new then classic.
But most importantly, Why is SHM not LOCAL. This is rediculous and will make more Customers Jump SHIP.

Both the Classic and new app versions are still installed. Which did you try removing?

I removed both. First, the new app SHM and this didn’t resolve it. So I deleted the classic SHM.
Do you know why SHM is not local. This is a real security issue in general.
This platform is not meant for fun, It is actually my secondary Alarm which alerts other family members as my original alarm may not be able to

This is not meant to be a security system. That’s why it’s called SmartThings Home “Monitor”.

Exactly. It monitors THe status of your House and adds security by alerting you. Exactly what a normal Security system does that also have false alarm due to faulty magnets or damaged wiring, Unless Smart things are falsely advertising as seen in this pic.
It has the potential to be so big but its the constant cloud usage and migration that is causing its collapse.
Do you know how many false positives I had when there are no bugs or internet dropout in the platform…
None so far. Unless A member accidentally set it off.
Can you imagine how customers will have an even better experience if SHM like sensors were local?
There is still no answer from smartthings as to this and it is mind baffling as there is really no need to put it on the cloud. I use SHM to monitor status of the house notifying a few members as well as I when I travel for work. This in turn rings my phone even on silent using phone automation and in turn calls family members and records footage inside the house while having a siren and Lights all change color. Can you Imagine every time I disarm but SHM decides to re-arm. Big pain!

Hubitat works amazing and This experience has solidified my migration. Hue works with Hubitat no issues with a motion sensor From smartthings I tested despite me switching off my WAN. When my internet goes down with smartthings and Hue, lights will not even switch on if using smartthings sensors. It is really sad yet they are on the same network.
Look at all the top community members who have moved over. One just earns for something more robust.
I have only stuck around as I have so much to migrate but it will be done.