System not disarming

My alarm keeps going off. When I get up in the morning the Good Morning automation sets the system to Disarmed or doesn’t. But either way, it’s not really disarmed because opening the door to let out the dog, go to work, or go to the gym sets off the alarm and wakes the whole family.

It also does not always work even if I select Disarmed manually. The automation has been not working for a week, but as of today it alarms whenever we open a door, even when system set to “Disarmed”. We are prisoners, and our dog wants to commit suicide.

I hate the new SmartThings App, it’s a piece of crap. It tries to do everything, and does nothing well. Nothing intuitively, and then doesn’t even work.

Did you run the migration tool in the Classic app? If you did not, is it possible SHM is still installed in the Classic app and producing the alarms?g If you did run the migration tool, then this would not be the case as the tools removes SHM in the Classic app.

But I have also disarmed STHM a couple of times in the past week and it set off an alert when I opened the door.

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Thank you. I ran the Migration Tool from the old app, but I don’t think my whole family did. Does that need to be done in every phone connected?

Actually when I reinstall the Classic App it tells me that my Migration was Incomplete, and that my Home Monitor state is not being controlled by any Routines which have been migrated to the new app. That’s my problem. The old app is holding my status, but the app keeps failing at migration now (even on my Samsung phone). :frowning: :confused: :disappointed:

you will need to manually migrate some of those items over to the new app… routines and any SHM custom rules.Once you do that you can delete the SHM custom rules, then remove SHM if it is sill installed. and migrate your routines over to automations and scenes