Issues with the app since 3rd of July

I’ve got real issues right now. Home monitor is not showing and will not re-set up. I’ve got multiple devices showing offline in the app, but are online on the IDE and automation are working correctly. I guess i will need to re-install the classic app to get smart home monitor back. Right now i have no alarm.

I got all bar one device back by editing each device in the IDE, changing the name, and updating it (then doing the same later to restore the name). That is usually good for making the app take note. Also got a hub back by renaming it. There may have been ways of using just the app to recover (I never really tried renaming in the app as I always change the name and not the label, or nor did I try moving devices between rooms but it could be worth a try as the new app is a bit fussy about rooms).

I never had STHM disappear completely though, just complain about problems with sensors.

I am facing similar issues myself today, devices seem to show offline then connected when selected

Yes, same here, and for many people posting in past few days

Mine show disconnected when selected. I’ve installed the old app and they are all fine in that app and all fine in the ide.

The main issue is that the smart home monitor (alarm) has dropped off completely. I’ve had to set it back up in the old app so that I have an alarm!

I had the same issue for the past few days. Deleted the hub and tried to reset it yesterday (unsuccessfully several times). I gave up before I smashed it to pieces in frustration!

Approached it today with a new attitude. Still had to reset the hub 3 times but eventually managed to get it back on the (new) ST app and everything is now working as it should

My hub showed as offline and all devices were disconnected. I had to remove the batteries wait a few minutes and install them again and everything worked again.