Smart Home Monitor new App

(Jonathan Patrono) #1

I used to be able to schedule Armed using times. This was great so I didn’t accidentally set alarm off in mornings. Maybe I’m missing something very simple but I can’t find in new app how to do this? I also can’t seem to find a presence sensor scheduling either, ie both wife and I are away set the alarm? Anyone know if those features are gone or if I’m simply missing something. Thank you.

(Jimmy) #2

You can use times via the custom automation builder. But can’t do arm/disarm based on presence.

(Jonathan Patrono) #3

thanks yep that works. wish I could use our phones as presence sensors to automatically set when both away. that would be a nice feature. Thanks again.

(Jimmy) #4

You can install the Classic app. It’s version of SHM can be armed and disarmed via presence using routines.