System disarms by itself?

I have my Goodnight routine scheduled at 10:30pm. I have the Good Morning scheduled at 6:30am. At least the last 2 mornings I’ve noticed my system disarmed before 6:30am. I know it arms correctly because I check it . Just not sure how/why/when it disarms. Is there a log somewhere? Any suggestions?

The events that belong to a routine can be found in the IDE, go to locations / installed smartapps, that screen will also display the routines, when you click good morning and select list events, maybe it gives a bit more insight (or confusion ;-)).

You can use a CoRe piston to setup a rule to send you a push notification every time your home disarmed.

Do you have anything else that disarms alarm? Like a presence returning (aka I’m back!)

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you can check the notifications section of the app. Out fo teh box those two routines log a notification when they run. You might have something else like “when things start happenening” set to run good morning.

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t quite built up the nerve to try CoRE yet but will keep that in mind.

I actually did have a disarm if presence set but deleted it the other day just to be sure that wasn’t the problem.

I’ll check the IDE when I am at my computer.

I tried the notification in the app and it doesn’t even show it Armed. I’ll double check tonight but I’m pretty sure I checked it at least within the past few times before I went to bed and it was definitely Armed.

There are logs in the ide.

goto My Location ->Home -> List SmartApps -> Smart Home Monitor in the Modal click list events. If you click on the timestamp you get some info.

Not sure it will help debug but may stumble on something.

OK, something is definitely going on. Now it’s not arming. I have been in the Good Night and Good morning routines poking around but I have it set pretty basic. It’s just 4 door sensors that I have set to arm as well as 2 blink cameras (I just used the free Blink ide because I wanted to try things out). I have it set to arm at 10:30 PM and it never did last night.

I never could find any logs in the IDE.

You will probably need to “update” SHM in the IDE. Under list SmartApps next to the name there is an update link, which re-initializes the smartApp.

I would probably toss in a hub reboot and if you are still having issues reach out to support.

OK, so I don’t know if this is the issue but here’s what I did last night. I had installed the free DH for my Blink cameras several days ago. Just as a test I removed the cameras from all my routines and from the security configuration of SHM. I tested the Goodnight routine by setting the time earlier in the evening and it armed fine. Put it back to 10:30 and it armed fine. It also disarmed at 6:30AM this morning.
No idea why the free blink code would have screwed with my smart thing routines???

Blink code doesn’t interfere with ST. ST is most likely at the root problem.

Did you contact @RBoy or ST support to investigate?

No, I’m using the other free Blink add on. I really didn’t need to do anything but arm/disarm the cameras in unison with ST.
I may end up paying for Rboys but I will add my Blink’s back to the routine after a few days of it working properly so I can determine if it is part of the issue.

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I do recommend using @RBoy app. I used the Free one before he integrated Blink into ST. Now the only problem is that ST app is the one that times out.

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