Smart Home Monitor auto ARm


I had my Smart Home Monitoring configured perfectly in the classic App. I am now setting everything up in the new app, but am unable to figure out how to get the Smart Home Monitoring to arm automatically. In the classic App there were preset routines, Good Bye and Welcome, I think. Where I was able to say upon my device leaving, to auto arm the house, and upon my device arriving to auto disarm. I don’t see anything like that in the new app. Can any one provide me some direction or advice? Thanks.

it isn’t possible. email support and request it.

So it was removed in the new app? I had this configured perfectly in the old App. I had a routine that would change the security status of the house depending on the location of my phone. So, when leaving the house, it auto armed and when coming home it disarmed. Why would they remove that? Is it possible to even create routines in the new app?

Also, on a side note, is WebCore easy to use and compatible with SmartThings?

it wasn’t removed, it hasn’t been added. SHM in the new app is a totally separate app than the one in Classic. No Routines in the new app. Use a combination of scenes and custom automations.

webcore has a learning curve, but is very powerful. The basics of what can be done with WebCore is possible with the custom automation creator in the new app. if you do choose to install webcore, you’ll have to install it in the classic app.

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Oh wow. Why would they create a brand new app without bringing over the features everyone liked, used, and enjoyed? From my experience you can’t set up a Home Pro to the classic app. You have to use the new app. I hope they fix this soon. I just want to be able to use presence to set whether my home should be armed (away) or disarmed.

Thanks for your help and quick responses. Just to be clear, as of right now, there is no way to automate the Smart Things Home Monitoring to arm and disarm on its own, right?

you can use classic once the connect home is setup with the new app. As to why create a new SHM, only they know. But what i do know if that it has some long requested features Classic doesn’t have and it uses their new platform.

Absolutely, don’t get me wrong, I was able to configure the temperature of my multipurpose sensors to turn the fans on and off at certain temps, directly in the app. I had previously tried to accomplish this in the class app using IFTTT and there was a major delay and sometimes it just didn’t work out right. So, I’m sure there are improvements, just didn’t want to lose the features I grew to love from the old app along the way.

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