Smart Home Monitor disable

I would like to know how to disable the Home but Armed function for when My wife leaves for work. As it is now She leaves at 6am but I’m still asleep. I currently have two options either I set it to Disarmed at night when I go to bed (don’t want to do that) or when she leaves to go to work and as soon as she walks out the door my phone goes off saying there is an intrusion and it wakes me up. I tried to set her phone up to my account by the invite but it wont work so it has to be controlled from my phone. There has to be a way for the system to disarm at a certain time. I just got this system for Christmas and still learning. Thanks for the help

Use a good morning routine.

Set it to run at ___ am, whatever time she wakes up. And set it to disarm SHM.

Also if you want your wife to have the ST app on her phone, she needs her own account, then you can share your hub location with her.

Thank you I will try that out.

I have smart locks. I have them set to when manually unlocked, set to disarm alarm. Works pretty well for me.