Smart Home Monitor Arms Automatically?

I setup SHM and had a routine that would arm/disarm based on presence of my iOS devices. I have removed the routines that those were setup in, and now it still arms every night. I can’t figure out what’s causing it to arm. I literally have zero routines now, I deleted them all :slight_smile:

Where else can I check?

login to the IDE and see if one is still hanging around. Go to locations>smartapps

Nope. I’ve only got two there, and they’re related to my Konnected device. I don’t see anything in those that would have anything to do with arming/disarming.

By any chance have you been using both of the SmartThings apps?

Good call. I do. But, I can’t find anything in there either. I’ve looked at automations and there is one for my phone. However, it just says "IF (my phone) arrives Home Then Open Garage Door.

OK, well the main thing to know is that although each of the two apps has a feature called “smart home monitor” these are two completely separate things that just happen to have the same name. :scream: So disarming in one of the apps will not disarm the feature in the other app and vice versa. Same with arming.

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I don’t see anything about Smart Home Manager in the new app. I do see Smart Home Monitor in there, but it doesn’t appear that anything is configured. So confusing. Grr.

My bad—it’s “monitor” in both apps.