Automatically setting Home Monitor to arm / disarm - help needed

(Alec Howson) #1

Hi All

I’m trying the Nobody Home app so that there is a mode change depending on the location of my phone. I assumed this would also affect the smart home monitor setting so security would be armed on my departure and disarmed on my return

Doesn’t seem to work though

Can anyone offer a solution



(John S) #2

You can add the arm/disarm action of SHM to Routines, not Modes. You can run a routine when stuff happens, and use that to change modes. So instead of using “Nobody home”, look at the Goodbye! routine - run it (Automatically perform “Goodbye!” when…" Everyone Leaves, arm-away SMH, change mode to Away)

Look at the “I’m Back” routine to disarm SMH, change mode to Home, when “anyone arrives”

(Alec Howson) #3

thanks very much. suddenly Routines have a purpose!

(Alec Howson) #5


this didn’t actually fix my issue at first as there was a conflict between Routines. I deleted the “good morning” and “good night” ones and now it’s fine

the problem was the “good morning” routine kicked in (at a set time) at a similar time to leaving my house which over-rid the “goodbye” routine

well that’s what I think happened