Smart Home Monitor Leak

Can I create more than one “leak” ?

Absolutely: (I have 10 set up)

While you can use more than one leak sensor for SHM - If you plan to use SHM to close your valve for plumbing leaks, You can’t set up custom leak SHM apps for leak sensors that wouldn’t necessitate a valve closing. example - sump pump, air conditioner drain, corner of the leaky basement.

For my use case I put all my plumbing related leak sensors in SHM and have the valve close. But for my leak sensors that aren’t plumbing related, You have to use a separate app for that. “Notify me when” is decent for this purpose.


Out of curiosity, what leak/water sensors are you using?

I’m using ST branded, older PEQ’s (same as ST’s gen 1), and a couple Utilitech sensors. I’m probably going to replace the Utilitech ones with either the new Iris sensor or ST’s (depending on what deals I can find).

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No, you have one leak with 10 sensors. I asked if I can have multiple leaks.

So I thaught. Damn. Of course it designed the dumbest way possible.
And of course I cannot create a routine to control water valve by moisture sensor. No surprise.

Can you explain that better please? I have 10 leak sensors monitoring 10 separate potential leaks. All those are categorized under Leaks, but each sensor is in a different location, so 10 separate leaks.

What if you have 10 water valves, each controlled by a separate sensor? Or I need one sensor to send a report, but another to close a valve. etc

Ah, ok I understand your use case now. In that case you’d definitely need something other than SHM like what @greg mentioned.

Right, it was too difficult for them to allow to create multiple “leak” application instances. Who would have more than one bathroom?

Use CoRE smartapp for each leak. As for leak sensor, I am going to do like @johnconstantelo and will change out my utilitech sensors with sensors that have Temp sensor. I have a couple of sensors lost connection to the hub and there’s no way of knowing unless I remove/insert battery. Zigbee is the worst but way more selection on the market.

Add additional custom SHM rules in addition to your main leak action.

Custom rule does not allow to use moisture sensor.


Bump…I just bought a bunch more valves and leak sensors and I would like custom rules. Is there an app? I saw Close the Valve but it lacks the following:

Ability to shut off multiple valves, like first floor hot and cold water valves
Light up lights.
Set the color of a light if it supports it. For instance, I use my hall light to indicate what is going on: Blue for security, red for fire, green for water heater leak…and I would like to do others for washer/dryer, kitchen sink, bathroom sink(s), dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.