Smart Home Monitor Leak

(Vyacheslav Kononenko) #1

Can I create more than one “leak” ?


Absolutely: (I have 10 set up)

(Greg) #3

While you can use more than one leak sensor for SHM - If you plan to use SHM to close your valve for plumbing leaks, You can’t set up custom leak SHM apps for leak sensors that wouldn’t necessitate a valve closing. example - sump pump, air conditioner drain, corner of the leaky basement.

For my use case I put all my plumbing related leak sensors in SHM and have the valve close. But for my leak sensors that aren’t plumbing related, You have to use a separate app for that. “Notify me when” is decent for this purpose.

Additional Smart Home Monitor Leak style SmartApp?
(Dave) #4

Out of curiosity, what leak/water sensors are you using?


I’m using ST branded, older PEQ’s (same as ST’s gen 1), and a couple Utilitech sensors. I’m probably going to replace the Utilitech ones with either the new Iris sensor or ST’s (depending on what deals I can find).

(Vyacheslav Kononenko) #6

No, you have one leak with 10 sensors. I asked if I can have multiple leaks.

(Vyacheslav Kononenko) #7

So I thaught. Damn. Of course it designed the dumbest way possible.
And of course I cannot create a routine to control water valve by moisture sensor. No surprise.


Can you explain that better please? I have 10 leak sensors monitoring 10 separate potential leaks. All those are categorized under Leaks, but each sensor is in a different location, so 10 separate leaks.

(Vyacheslav Kononenko) #9

What if you have 10 water valves, each controlled by a separate sensor? Or I need one sensor to send a report, but another to close a valve. etc


Ah, ok I understand your use case now. In that case you’d definitely need something other than SHM like what @greg mentioned.

(Vyacheslav Kononenko) #11

Right, it was too difficult for them to allow to create multiple “leak” application instances. Who would have more than one bathroom?

(Ray) #12

Use CoRE smartapp for each leak. As for leak sensor, I am going to do like @johnconstantelo and will change out my utilitech sensors with sensors that have Temp sensor. I have a couple of sensors lost connection to the hub and there’s no way of knowing unless I remove/insert battery. Zigbee is the worst but way more selection on the market.

(Patrick Shoemaker) #13

Add additional custom SHM rules in addition to your main leak action.

(Vyacheslav Kononenko) #14

Custom rule does not allow to use moisture sensor.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #15

Bump…I just bought a bunch more valves and leak sensors and I would like custom rules. Is there an app? I saw Close the Valve but it lacks the following:

Ability to shut off multiple valves, like first floor hot and cold water valves
Light up lights.
Set the color of a light if it supports it. For instance, I use my hall light to indicate what is going on: Blue for security, red for fire, green for water heater leak…and I would like to do others for washer/dryer, kitchen sink, bathroom sink(s), dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.