Smart Home Monitor and multiple water sensors - missing functionality

I setup SHM to monitor our water sensors. I’ll be adding a valve for it to control as well, but I can see an issue already. Two of our water sensors are not looking for plumbing leaks (one is in the sump and the other is near a door that sometimes floods). Now, I can say I only want certain water sensors to be monitored to activate the valve. However, when I go to custom, I can’t add another set of water sensors that I want to monitor for just notification.

"Additional water sensors” needs to be added as an option in SHM custom.

Simple oversight, really, since I’m sure almost everyone uses the water sensors to monitor plumbing issues. :smile:

Hopefully, it is an easy add for them. I sent an email to support.


Which ones ya using Brian?

While you’re in there tinkering with the code, ST, how about allowing multiple valve/sensor groups? We have a second water heater for an addition so it would be handy to be able to turn off just that portion of the house.

PEQ and Everspring. The Everspring ones are used by the door and in the sump since they have the probe on a nice long wire. Perfect for those situations.

Wow Brian - I glossed right over this. Thanks for pointing this out because my scenario is the same as yours. You saved me from losing water when my sump basin gets wet. Thanks!

Regarding your other issue I agree it should be available in SHM. Luckily I still have my dashboard module for damage and danger, so that reports to me for the sump basin. I think you can use the “Notify me When” app in the market place to solve your issue for now. I just checked and it is there.

Thankfully, I didn’t clear out all my Damage and Danger entries as well! In the same boat as you until they tweak SHM.

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SHM also seems to be missing the ability to have voice announcements over speakers.

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TTS is currently pretty broken. That said, +1 on this feature request, if only to make sure playText() starts working again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: