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The only physical security hole is if the bad guys cut my cable line. Please add an option to add a 2ndary wifi connection so I can use my neighbors wifi (with their permission of course). I also would like 2ndary wifi (if the primary goes down) and may connect it to my Verizon MIFI mobile hot spot.

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Further to my earlier suggestion (have an entry delay, where you can choose which delays are delayed vs instant alarm … and where opening an entry delay door will push a message to your phone via the ST app)…

Since having issues with my wife’s iPhone’s presence (ST didn’t know that she’d arrived, and the SHM alarm triggered when she entered), I’ve given her an ST Arrival Sensor to carry.

That Arrival Sensor has worked perfectly. When I set that up for her, I made SHM send push an ‘arrival message’ so I could see when it was picking up the sensor.

When my wife arrives but her iPhone hasn’t been properly sensed by ST (i.e. when she enters our geofence around her home), the Arrival Sensor always works just before she enters the house. No false alarms since.

What I found was interesting…

That ‘push’ message to her iPhone that’s triggered by the Arrival Sensor being sensed would also typically wake her iPhone up (and perhaps the ST app?) . . . which would then instantly trigger her iPhone being seen as being present!

So how does this relate to my suggested entry delay?

If entering via a door that has a delay triggers a push to the iPhone, that should do the same thing. The push warning that the alarm will sound in X seconds should awaken the iPhone, which triggers it tell ST that it’s arrived, which should automatically disarm the SHM alarm.

An entry delay, combined with an instant ‘heads up’ push sent to the iPhone, could eliminate many iPhone presence issues . . . at these those related to arrivals not being sensed!

I had the same problem with mine, everything worked find for about 25 day, then totally dead. I pulled the batteries and checked, they were both dead. I will do the same as you did and replace them, but at the price of the CR123A and needing two new batteries every 3 weeks, is not right.

I noticed that according to my app, the batter is still at 100%. Obviously that is not true. even after I took the batteries out, it is still showing 100%.

I noticed that when I installed it the on or off light was always on dimly lit red. The other bottons only lit up when my hand came near the unit. I am not sure it should be lit all the time.

I am new to Smartthings and so far very impressed at the skill and knowledge across the community. I am in the middle of implementing a security system using ST with motion sensors and door switches. It seems to me some basic functionality might be in order for the Smartapp: Smart Home Monitor - Security in the following areas:

  1. The smart app does not have the means to create a zone (or sensor) with a delay function. The delay function could be programable in seconds or minutes and would allow a person to either enter a particular zone (front door) and give them time to disable the alarm. Perhaps all the sensor types could have a delay option?

  2. A delay zone mentioned above should also have something like a pre-alarm. On traditional alarm systems when someone enters a zone with a delay function a pre-alarm may sound immediately until the delay has expired and then the alarm siren sounds at that point. Often pre-alarms are built into a key pad and are something on the order of a piezo (not too loud but loud enough to wake you or be heard at the other end of the house).

  3. The smart app Smart Home Monitor - Security has the ability to turn a light on. This might be the easiest place to plug in a Zigbee or Zwave outlet which for a simple example might have a wart type transformer and piezo wired to it used specifically for the pre-alarm sound. SO some functionality and timing parameters would have to be developed (turn it on, look for unarm command, otherwise count down and expire) at that point the siren would be enabled but as you can see some orchestration is needed between these functionalities.

I would love to continue the dialogue here to see where this might go. At the same time if I missed something of significance (it exists already dummy, wrong thread or otherwise I apologize profusely)

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Holy delay Batman!!! How is there not a delay zone or even delay the entire system. How does everyone disarm there system? I pull in to the the garbage and as soon as I open the door, I get intrusion alerts. If i walk in through an outside door, intrusion alerts. The list goes on. Please add a simple delay. Is there an official feature request form to fill out?

The issue of needing a entry and exit delay for smart home monitor has been brought up since the feature was released and raised directly with the CEO of SmartThings in May, but it hasn’t happened yet.

There are some ways to introduce a delay using custom code, but it’s not very intuitive. You can ask in the core peer assistance thread, I think some people there have done it.

( Core is a very sophisticated community-created rules engine. In core, a single rule is called a “piston.”)

Biggest thing I’d like is to be able to set a delay before triggering the full alarm so that I can turn off the alarm before it goes off causing a false. Ideally SHM would add another page after editing each alarm type (security, smoke, water, custom) where the can enter an optional delay (in seconds) as well as what lights/sirens/beeps/notifications, etc they’s like triggered during the pre-alarm delay.

Done. It’s a kludge, but it works. Delay for Intrusion Alert in SHM - Success!.

The problem with the current SHM is that every open/closed switch and every motion detector is considered an intrusion device therefore, SHM will always initiate an Intrusion alert. There is no customization - one has no choice of which of these devices to use for intrusions and which devices not to use and no way to do anything if one of these devices changes state… The way around this is to use custom rules and routines. The problem here is that there is a disconnect between the custom rules and the routines, therefore when you arm/disarm the system from the dashboard nothing happens - cameras will not turn on, lights will not turn on or off. The same is true with the Notify Me When app. Everything is considered an intrusion. There is no page to select the devices you wish to only notify you without an intrusion alert. And of course, there is no delay capability with the dashboard. This to me is the biggest disappointment with ST otherwise I would give ST a very good rating. If I hadn’t spent so much money on the system and devices, I would scratch it and wait for something else better to come along.

Pretty sure you can select which devices you want to use. Uncheck “Use every open/close and motion sensor” and then select which ones you want.


If anyone wants a delay, please send an email to or

If you’ve already sent an email, email them again to follow up on the status of the delay. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. :wink:

Thanks @Scott_Barton. I think it used to work that way, but I just double checked before I replied to you and currently I can slide the switches to the left to turn them off but no devices are listed on either page. When you save the app and return to it the switches are automaatically turned on again. Thia condition renders the security app as useless.

Huh. I just took that screen shot. And my phone just updated the app this morning so I assume its the latest Android app. Are you on iPhone?

@Scott_Barton Yes, I am on an iphone running ios 10.

Here are my screen shots,

First time trying to upload pictures - hope it works

try actually flicking that switch, I think thats what causes the selection menu to appear.

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Thanks, @dangitbobby but flipping the switch does nothing and after you leave the page it automatically reverts back to on. I do not know when this happened as I had not made any changes to my ST system in months but I believe it worked for me before… I installed my Arlo cameras about the same time as the latest software update and that is when I noticed the change. Is anyone else using an iphone? Sometimes software updates happen on iphones before Androids and I am wondering if this is the new Dashboard. Firstly, I don’t recall any messages regarding this change and if any of the ST staff is reading these messages, why has nothing been said about this change? I have ranted about this in many posts. Do I need to reinstall the app?

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Since you are very knowledgeable, @JDRoberts and you have been trying to help me, here is what I have uncovered so far. In the Marketplace under SmartApps in the Safety Security section there is the app Smart Home Monitor - Security.
In the Marketplace under SmartApps in the Smartthings Recommends section there are two apps called Smart Home Monitor - Security.and Smart Home Monitor - Custom. They are one and the same! They are what makes the Dashboard work because if you remove the app you lose the Dashboard. There are also Smart Home Monitor - Smoke and Smart Home Monitor - Leaks. These are the apps in the Configure Section (accessed by the gear on the Dashboard.
What that means is that someone has gone in and taken out all the functionality of these apps. I can not figure out why I am the only one that has this problem. Who dunnit, when and why?

I’m sorry, I don’t really know what’s going on. Maybe @slagle or @jody.albritton will know.