Smart Home Monitor - Feature Requests

exit delay is not the real problem… no entry delay is… you cannot delay unlocking the door… you have to tell people to wait 5 secs b4 opening door or ooops. sirens.

Exit delay is a problem for those like kids or dog walkers who might arm from a keypad as they’re leaving and still need time to get out of the detection zone. Just depends on your setup.

true, but since I have auto arming with presence sensors not a big issue for me, but agreed it should be fixed.

Disable intrusion reminders.

Come up with a way to clear intrusion alerts that doesn’t take so many clicks. I’d like to be able to do it from the notification.

Show status of all smoke and co2 detectors similar to the “right now” tab that shows status for open/close and motion.


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is there a way to add and email notification when Smart Home Monitor is activated(arm) and deactivated(dis-arm) as i want to show status on my Quirky Nimbus via IFTTT

Not an email, but you could use Rule Machine to send an SMS message.

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Unless I am missing it, SmartThings Authentication requires some enhancements for the SHM ecosystem to be up to snuff:

  1. Multi-factor authentication option for accounts. (Any access to ST that allows manipulation of the system)
  2. PIN and Fingerprint API Integration for the ST Phone App so we can protect access to certain functions within the app and/or the entire app.

Here’s my list of feature requests (and several have been mentioned before, but just add me as +1 to those ideas.)

  1. An alarm panel accessory to arm/disarm without relying on presence sensors.
  2. Entry/Exit delays.
  3. Simple method to dismiss notifications
  4. Method to disable repeat notifications every hour.
  5. Integration with other apps & services (if alarm, then…)
  6. Text to speech alerts (I know the team is re-working this in general).
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Few comments… not necessarily official, etc.

  1. Centralite Keypads / Iris keypads are working great for this for a great many of us. I would love ST to certify such a device.
  2. You can manipulate this today, by setting up a Simulated (virtual) Switch that SHM turns on when alarm occurs, then other things can queue off of that switch status - IFTT, Rule Machine, Etc. I do this today.
  3. Hopefully I will have something like that soon using the Aeon Doorbell. I don’t have a sonos, but you can probably do that with Sonos or even Echo. The idea I have is this - a set of rules in rule machine, tied to individual contact and motion sensors that turn on virtual switches which in turn kick off Aeon Doorbell MP3 or perhaps Sonos or Echo to queue a pre-recorded message indicating the type of intrusion and where. Again, not official, but this seems possible today.
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Entry Delays, entry delays, entry delays!!! I note that you now have exit delays (“when everyone leaves” has an option “Action delay time”). However there are no entry delays. This means if you have a presence detector as opposed to either geofencing (which has not really worked for me in the last couple of weeks) or you switch off the alarm manually, the alarm will always go off as soon as the front door is opened. This is because although presence disarms the alarm, it does so ever so slightly after the front door sensor sets off the alarm. It seems a bit odd that you put exit delays and exit notifications in, but not entry delays and entry notifications. In order of priority, I am more concerned at people coming in to a house than leaving.

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Some of these can be done with Rule Machine, as it supports both checking SHM status (armed away, stay, disarmed) and can set the alarm state. It offers delays, and other means of arming/disarming SHM.

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Could you use Rule Machine to create an entrance delay? I don’t think so, but please enlighten me if I’m wrong.

When there is an intrusion event, I would like a notification to pop up in my android notification tray, with a button to dismiss the event right there so I don’t have to go into the app to dismiss it as quick as possible.


I would like to see the status of my door lock under right now.

Thank you,

I came here to configure my lock…so, yes, locks please

An On/Off Switch for SHM.

Occasionally I’ll have to reconfigure a presence sensor in the middle of the day (my wife’s phone) and I’m at work. She did something to day that will make the House alarm go off until I set her back up from scratch. Instead of having to dive into the settings and remove everything (so the alarm doesn’t go off) Why not give us an On/Off Switch.

On - Activate SHM
Off - Deactivate SHM

You can do this with Rule Machine.

Couldn’t he just open the ST App and click Disarm, too?

Although one of the biggest benefits from Rule Machine would be the ability to go with a Virtual Presence and an OR statement: Wife’s Phone OR Wife’s Virtual Presence Device present Disarms SHM.

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No. Not if I want SHM to Arm Itself again when the next person arrives/leaves. I don’t want to monitor the coming and going of other Sensors. I just want to disable it temporarily until problems are fixed.

Bruce, how would you go about it? I have to admit I’ve tried Rule Machine in the past and for some reason rules weren’t firing. I’m on Android.

Why is it that every single time there is an “intrusion” according to SHM, I need to dismiss it about 5 times before it gets cleared?

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