Temperature monitor/Alarm with continuous/repeated alerts?

Hi All,
I am hoping someone here can help me out (in plain language :))

My son’s nursery is on the second floor of our home and on a separate HVAC unit. I need temperature sensor that will send alarms to either my phone or via a base unit that is kept in our bedroom when temps go outside our preferred set range. I currently have a onelink environment monitor but their app has a glitch that is being worked on so the temperature range can not be set. Also this only sends one push notification and its done. Which during the night, i may not wake up to just one quick alarm sound.

I’m really looking for something that will continue to alarm us until we have acknowledged the notification.

Can anyone help me find a product that will fit this criteria? I have been searching for months and can not find something. Thank you so much

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I’m not sure I can give as simple language as you’d prefer, but I can think of one clever solution right off the bat.

Smart Home Monitor (SHM)!

SHM does not include temperature monitoring as one of its features, but with a little “power-user” effort (the Community would certainly chip in), the Device Type Handler for any Temperature Sensor could be modified to report temperature extremes as a “Water Leak” (or even Smoke Detected, though that would be more confusing).

Just use the Configure / Custom option of Smart Home Monitor (thanks @mwiseman!)

SHM already has persistent notifications built-in, and it can also trigger lights to turn (including color lights, etc.).

There are many other options which might be proposed.

Off the top of my head, leveraging Smart Home Monitor in the way I describe, makes sense to me, and I can’t think of any serious drawbacks.

Smart Home Monitor (SHM) will monitor temperature if you set up custom monitor under Configure / Custom. You can monitor temperature (and humidity) and have SHM perform actions and send notifications when the value falls outside a minimum and maximum that you set.

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I used CoRE to alert if my thermostat was above the set temp indicating the A/C unit was not working.

Speaking just for myself, as a medically fragile person, I would not rely on SmartThings for anything that might affect the health of a child. It’s just not stable enough. And the company says so themselves in their product usage guidelines:

Data accuracy and consistency from SmartThings sensors, including those provided by SmartThings directly, resold by SmartThings, or supported by SmartThings, is not guaranteed. Therefore, you should not rely on that data for any use that impacts health, safety, security, property or financial interests. For example, because temperature readings may vary significantly from reading to reading on an individual device, between devices, or over time, those readings should not be used to control heating and cooling in environments where food spoilage, health risks, or damage to physical goods could occur.

I might be willing to risk a refrigerator full of beer getting too warm, but not a baby in a crib.

And anything you do with core or webcore depends on the cloud. I would want local processing for this kind of alert.

There definitely temperature monitors that can do what you ask, but not through SmartThings.

Here is an article on baby monitors that include audible temperature alerts.

There are more expensive medical monitoring systems, but the baby monitors are more widely available and less expensive.