Smart home monitor exit/enter delay

Just to add my comments here, i just dumped ADT pulse because of the closed nature of ADT, I have subscribed to Scout to show support. I wish that Smart Alarm would integrate with Scout and this would be easy. I appreciate the ease of SHM however my youngest knows how to USE keypad like ADT since she has been using it since 8 years old but call me old fashioned but i haven’t given her a phone yet. My older child does have a phone but he is not always keeping it charged so he would continually set off the alarm. I found it very easy to integrate the Iris keypad to SHM… just need the delay.

I bought a house with an ADT system. The owner wouldn’t tell me the code. Wtf! I didn’t want to pay and ADT wouldn’t tell me either. I found out how to get into programming mode. But I ripped the damn thing out anyway and pulled off all the ADT stickers from the windows. . .

Does Scout work via SHM alerts? I’m arming SHM for the keypad status. I just have it setup so that it won’t throw a fit if the door opens. I don’t have it configured to use the entry door contact sensors. I’m using SA entry delays on those.

Not sure if I would say it does any alerts. Basically from what I see is that if shm is tripped it starts a process to notify scout. Then if you disarm the process is canceled before they “scout” get the alert or dispatch. All of this is shown within the shm dashboard. The problem is the house goes nuts with lights and in future sounds and sirens. Not good for taking the dog out to pee at night. Also on at the pulse system didn’t work reliably and had lots of issues with their proprietary keypad not trying to kick them but make the argument that with a few tweaks smartthings could be better and more economical

I wouldn’t recommend Scout by a mile because they do not cover smoke/CO based alarms.

use smart alarm… has entry exit delay and since i switched no issues.


There are a variety of ways to arm/disarm the system using physical devices. You can use a button, switch, minimote, etc and the Switch Activates Home Phrase Smart App. You can even use the Iris keypad.

Or is the issue SmartThings doesn’t want you using non-ST devices, so they are waiting to roll out entry/exit delays until they have an official Keypad to sell?

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You could create a virtual contact sensor and motion sensor for each device you have, then use CORE so that when a contact opens or a motion sensor is triggered, there is a 20 second wait before the virtual sensor is opened/closed.
You then use the virtual sensors in your SHM and hopefully by the time the sensor triggers, your presence is detected and SHM is disarmed before the alarm gets triggered.
You can also create CORE rules to avoid a random motion event setting off an alarm by using similar logic and using a rule that when each motion sensor is triggered by motion, the virtual sensor turns on for 60 seconds and then off again. If two Virtual sensors are triggered in this window, the alarm goes off.

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I also use Smart Alarm with an IRIS keypad and if it works it works. But the biggest problem is the remote processing. If I exit the house I have 30 seconds and the keypad beeps. If I enter and there was a problem with remote processing then the delay is not activated on entering and the alarm sounds. It would be great if processing was local.

i use smart alarm (my modified version) with my own device for notfications and to remove alerts.

I use the arrival sensors to automatically disarm when one or more arrives and the system is armed. I also arm when both leave.

Finally i set the door unlocking via code to automatically disarm as well…

as said before only issue is I tell people to wait 10 seconds after unlocking a door to enter.

smart alarm is link to the mode, so it also arms stay automatically at night when the mode changes to night mode at a certain time.

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Do you have a link to your modified Smart Alarm app?

I just decided to jump back into SHM and give it another shot. I haven’t touched it since Feb 2016, so I’m hoping reliability has improved. But I’m still not connecting a siren, so this is really just going to be an expensive experiment.

I’ve got 15 iris contact sensors on the way to go with the ones I already have.
I got 3 iris key pads today and set them up. I’m using the user lock manager smart app to configure them.
I’m using @Mike_Maxwell uDTH along with CoRE and 3 virtual switches to configure all of it.

CoRE will tie all of the sensors to the udth. If one opens it will trigger the udth after 60 seconds. During that time I’m receiving a notice on my phone and the speakers are performing a countdown.

The system can be disarmed at any of the keypads within the 60 seconds, or the alarm is triggered.

But the best part is that I’m using Alexa to arm and disarm the system as well.

So far, it’s all working very nicely.


I have to voice myself in support of an entry delay here, too. There’s so many ways to disarm SHM, even without an officially supported device yet. An entrance delay is just a common sense thing to add.

I’ve since modified the user lock manager and incorporated things into EchoSistant.

When I walk in my speakers tell me I have 60 to disarm the system, I then just tell Alexa to disarm security, she asks me for a PIN, and then disarms SHM.

This sounds interesting. Could you tell me how you’ve configured Echo to ask for a PIN and what alarm portion of STs you’re using?

I’m using my app, EchoSistant, which has the security features built in to it.

I’m using SHM to monitor contacts on my doors and windows. I can arm and disarm via Alexa, the ST app, routine widgets, and the keypads.

You can find all of this in EchoSistant version 4.0… Due for release very very soon.

Well color me intrigued. I’m going to be waiting anxiously to try this out!

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Exit delays are VERY important to me! :relaxed:
I use Alexa to ARM my system. (with virtual switches to fire Home routines)
“Alexa turn on LEAVING”.
The delay time would give me a chance to leave the house without tripping the alarm!
I get by now with a 2nd Echo in the garage.
(I also use my Minimote as an alternative to control Arriving & Leaving)

Very important … add it please!
Entry delay as well!

PS. Poor cell signal & GPS signal make presence detection a bad idea for me.
FYI I use a Profile in Tasker to display a popup message to confirm a Mode change.
Helps me to know it’s safe to enter the house when arriving & to verify that the system is Armed when leaving.

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Hey there,
How would you like to be able to say, Alexa, tell home to arm security in five minutes.

Then take your time and leave. And five minutes later you get a push message that the security is armed.

And then when you walk in the door the house tells you that you have 60 seconds to disarm and you say, Alexa, tell gimme to disarm security… As she asks you for a PIN.

I’m doing this right now and everyone will be able to really soon!

Keep an eye out for EchoSistant ver 4.0, coming soon!

This would be great for me. I would love to give it a go.

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