[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay TrueExit - Create a SmartHome True Exit Delay


This smartapp creates a true SmartHome(SHM) Exit Delay by monitoring for the execution of a “do nothing” SHM Routine, then in a user specified number of seconds executing a second SHM routine that actually sets the Alarm. Normally this should be used when setting Away with SHM Routine “Goodbye”.

The initial routine may be executed by tapping on the routine name in SmartThings, or executed by a smartapp or WebCore piston.

This app is fully compatible with, and may be used with the SHM Delay smartapp


  • User defined delay time
  • User defined routine names
  • Optional speech with user defined message output to Lannouncer/DLNA or Speakers (Dec 18, 2017)

Quick Setup Guide

  1. In the Phone App Automation->Routines: create a new dummy routine with no mode, no alarmstate, no actions, name it: Goodbye-Delay (or whatever you want)
  2. In IDE SmartApps: Install routine SHM Delay TrueExit from repo or code
  3. Set Routine to monitor for execution to: Goodbye-Delay (or your name)
  4. Set number of seconds to delay: 10-120
  5. Set “Then execute this routine” to: Goodbye! or whatever routine you use
  6. In whatever you are using to currently execute “Goodbye” change it to “Goodbye-Delay”
  7. Setup optional speech
  8. Test your system by tapping on the initiating routine name in Automations->Routines


There is one module associated with the app:

  1. SHM Delay TrueExit.
    To install via the repository, add the following to the IDE Settings (or copy code below)
    Owner: arnbme (in upper case that is ARNBME)
    Name: SmartThingsPublic
    Branch: Master
  2. Click ‘Save’, then in ‘My Smart Apps’ click 'Update from repo",
  3. select the ARNBNE SmartThingsPublic repository then install and publish SHM Delay TrueExit
  4. in the Phone App tap on add a Smartapp, install SHM Delay TrueExit and set paramaters

SHM Delay TrueExit now supports creating an optional spoken message during the Delay time period,

Thanks for this SmartApp, it is great!

I’m just starting to play with it, but I’ve got some ideas for improvements:

  1. allow button or momentary switch inputs along with a routine trigger
  2. Support cancelation during the delay period

I’ve already coded up 1, and I have a pretty good idea of how to implement 2. Would you be interested in pull requests in your Github repository for these features?

Appreciate your suggestions.

My Github skillset is not great, but I would be interested in viewing and perhaps integrating your code.

It’s easy to unschedule the pending routine as follows
unschedule (executeRoutine)
Just need to code a simple trigger

I am confused, what is the difference between this and SHM Delay 2.0? Or when should this be used if SHM Delay doesn’t do this?

What is “True” Delay?

This was designed for a system without keypads or smart locks. A “true exit delay” means the system is not armed during the exit delay. The keypad’s exit delay is true.

Ok, thank you… that missing delay ST just won’t implement in order to fumble for your phone to turn off preventing that usual instant SIREN screaming at you while your wife beats you over the head. Kids yelling at you and dog barking. Thanks Samsung for listening to everyone here. Much appreciated. : /

I’ve been looking for a way to get a delay set when leaving and returning. I’m new here and know nothing about programming. This is all beyond me. What can I do to implement this fix? Are there people here that I can speak with to guide me through? Thanks

Unfortunately Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app does not implement exit and entry delays. My SHM Delay app supports these two delays, however you must learn to use the IDE to install apps and perhaps device handlers. The SHM Delay app has extensive documentation that will guide you through the process. Should you need assistance post a question on the forum.

This app, SHM Delay TrueExit, is designed to work in conjunction with SHM Delay, creating a real exit (alarm is off) delay versus a simulated (alarm is on but not reacting) delay.

Thanks for the reply. I am using both classic and the new SmartThings app. I’ve been on IDE and I find it to be pretty confusing. Is it as simple as downloading your delay app and installing it? I know that question probably sounds dumb but I’m sure, like me, most people started out not know what they’re doing lol.

This thread can probably help you to understand how custom code works in ST.

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I have no experience with the new ST app, however my app currently works only with the Classic app AfAIK.

Getting the SHM Delay app installed is the first step. Then it has to be installed into the phone app and configured. It’s all in the documentation

When I started less than a year ago, I was lost. It’s a process. Take your time

I’m following your instructions but when I go to account.smartthings.com the page doesn’t load so I went into SmartThings.com and signed in. Clicked New Smartapp and the fields are:
Name, Namespace, Author, Description, SmartThings Category, 3rd Party Auth, Pausable. When I fill that in (which is probably not correct) and hit save, go to My Smart Apps and update from Repo there’s no SHMDelay repository. Where did I go wrong and can I pay someone to set this up for me or at least talk me through it?

When I click on the link in your post it does not work. When I key it in it works.
Try this link



Edit: My apologies for the error in the documentation, no idea why it does not redirect to the secure address… The non functional link was changed from

Regarding getting someone to help. You will be in a much better place for adding other smartapps by accomplishing this on your own. Keep asking questions and we, the community, will respond.

I clicked on this link in your post and the page loaded just fine.

But if your browser is not redirecting to https for some reason, the links that Arn posted should work for you.

Did you closely follow the instructions in the post that I linked to above? What you’re describing here leads me to believe that you did not. Please clarify.

I tried to but the fields to fill in are not the same as you mention in the instruction. If you look at my last post you will see what I saw when I went into SmartThings IDE

Read the instructions carefully.

From what you posted above, my guess is you are adding code “from form,” which is the default tab when you add a new smartapp.

The instructions state to add a new smartapp “from code,” so you’d have to click on that tab first.

Hey Mark. I managed to get the app installed but it’s not doing what it was written to do for me.

To setup the smartapp once it’s installed, I suggest following the detailed instructions that Arn wrote in the first post of the thread for version 2 of his smartapp.

He linked to that thread in post #9 above.

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Good morning. I think I got it working. I had the real door sensor set to monitor. When I removed that the delay worked. Thank you so much for your help and for writing that app.