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Smart home monitor exit/enter delay

CoRE, RBoy’s app, I believe there are a number of ways to do this.

If you’re saying hook up a trigger so that when the door unlocks, the alarm disarms… There’s a couple of reasons why this can not work.

  1. There’s a delay between when you set the alarm to disarm, and when it is effectively disarmed. It might be five seconds, but if you open the door immediately after unlocking it, you will trip the alarm. I tried it, it didn’t work.

  2. As a practical matter, allowing the door to disarm the alarm seems questionable. If someone picked the lock or managed to force it to unlocked, they would also disarm the alarm. What’s the point of the alarm at that point? It will only work if the bad guy kicks in the door.

  3. If somehow you forget to lock the door, now there’s no way to disarm the alarm :frowning:

What is needed is an entry delay plus Smart Tiles, or entry delay plus un-officially supported keypad.

  1. i use rboy’s app. granted, it is only used for outlier cases ( i have guests staying over that i trust to be in my house when i’m not there). if they come and go while i’m not at home, they have a way to get in without disrupting me or my wife at work. But I also explicitly tell them to wait a count of 5 before opening the door. Never had a problem, works beautifully.

  2. this is not correct. the app looks for the CODE to unlock the door, not the event itself. I’ve tested this with the manual knob on the inside. If you pick the lock or even use the key to unlock and open the door the alarm will go off.

  3. any event that arms my alarm (routine, CORE piston, etc) also locks the door and closes the garage. Plus our phones being absent is the only way for any of those routines/etc for the alarm to get armed, or we had our phones with us and manually armed it. If I am in the house I use Ask Alexa or the app/smarttiles.

Although now that I have thought about it, that doesn’t matter. I could just lock the door then use the code to unlock it. done.

All that said, entry delay would be nice for the rare occasion that a routine lags enough that something isn’t by the time we get to the door.

As for a keypad, if you are ok with not having a code you could always go with a Cooper RF9500 and the device handler I wrote for it.

On toggle, turn off the alarm or disable the alarm for a few seconds so you can exit. SHM still doesn’t have the delays…

I think the majority of us that still use SHM are using our phones for presence to auto arm/disarm SHM. The entry delay is only necessary in these cases when presence fails (more frequently than it should) or SHM just goes off even though it detected my presence first (seemingly because it processes locally and a bit faster than the cloud that ran the “disarm SHM” portion of the “I’m Back!” routine).

Point being, I don’t need to wait for a keyboard for an entry delay. I’ll gladly use my phone to disarm SHM before my siren goes crazy. I just need that 30-45 second delay to get my car parked in the garage and have time to get the phone out.

Then again, in the current scenario, SHM already gets disarmed by the routine, it is just that it still kicks off the intrusion anyway, so now I have more taps to make to shut things up. So maybe the glitch can just be fixed. But others surely would still love the option of the entry delay even without a keyboard.

Hi Slagle,

I have a schlage door lock with a keypad, I am using RBoy’s Apps and device handlers. I have a successful keypad unlock run the I’m Home routine. If the routine does not disarm SHM fast enough I get an alarm. A delay would prevent this problem almost 100% of the time.

I use the keypad lock button to run the Good Bye routine, again a delay would be beneficial in case of a jammed lock or any problems.

As far as it not being an “officially supported keypad” that is very hypocritical. ST advocates and recommends people use non-official apps (community developed).

Why don’t or can’t you just implement the delay? Or at the very least give us a real explanation of why not. I can not see any reason why ST refuses to implement a delay. With or without the keypad. Give us the option.

I also find this to be a dubious and self-serving rationale for not adding entry/exit delays. I don’t mean to imply that about @slagle personally, he’s one of the few ST staff members that seems to be consistently trying to work with the community and is in the often unenviable position of being ST’s public face to developers and power users here.

I second what others have already said. Without community developed smartapps and device handlers (many of which make it into the officially supported smartapp/things marketplace, eventually), ST would be a far less useful/versatile/powerful home automation platform. SHM is unlike every other home alarm system ever developed in its lack of support for entry/exit delays. And judging by the community’s response, even with the ability to use presence/motion/whatever other triggers or conditions you can dream up, the lack of this feature does not make SHM a better home security system.

It could be with a keypad, minimote, another button controller, or even the ST mobile app. Please just give us the ability to disarm/arm SHM with a delay on entry/exit. If this is a technically complicated feature to implement, that’s one thing. I’m not in the tech industry, couldn’t code anything to save my life and really appreciate the knowledge and skills of everyone that participates here. But if it’s a lack of an officially supported keypad, then support the iris keypad already, or just do it anyway with the devices that this wonderfully active community brings to the table for you. For free.

Again, @slagle, don’t mean to sound like this is aimed at you personally. Thanks again for your active engagement on these forums.


I came up with a fix for this. Done. It’s a kludge, but it works. Delay for Intrusion Alert in SHM - Success!.

If you’re worried about lock picking, you can use a user lock code manager app to have a separate keypad code for arm/disarm that does not lock/unlock the door.

The lack of a keypad and entry/exit delays is the only thing keeping me from buying SmartThings right now (and 3g backup, but I could live without that for a while if the other things were available). Right now I have a monitored security system that costs me more than I’d like to pay each month, and I’d really like to get into home automation. But without an HA hub that truly integrates with a security system, I’m still hesitant to do so. I can’t possibly imagine this isn’t something with mass appeal. Security systems like ADT have been around forever so there’s definitely a market for it. I’m sure there are tons of people in the same boat as me just itching to throw money at SmartThings if they’d just release something for us.

I bought an IRIS keypad for $28 on Amazon last week. It arrived today. I gutted SHM and started using Smart Alarm. I now have entry and exit delays and a nice little keypad near my side door. I only need entry delays when I’m not carrying my phone. If I’ve got my phone, the geo-fencing seems to work well to automatically disarm the system.

I’m waiting to see how reliable it all is before I add in sirens. I set them off a few time when I was using SHM. And they take a while to turn off, even with Smart Tiles running all over the place. I don’t want to cry wolf again. . . .

Right now, if an alarm is triggered, I just turn every light on in the place and take a bunch of pictures using a few unmonitored cameras (i.e., the cameras in the devices running Smart Tiles on my walls).

The keypad is just a little bigger than a light switch.

Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on ST for awhile now and am aware of people’s progress with the IRIS keypad. However it’s still not an optimal solution and is not going to have broad appeal. There needs to be a truly plug and play solution. Even if it means a partnership similar to what they’ve done with Scout.

Just to add my comments here, i just dumped ADT pulse because of the closed nature of ADT, I have subscribed to Scout to show support. I wish that Smart Alarm would integrate with Scout and this would be easy. I appreciate the ease of SHM however my youngest knows how to USE keypad like ADT since she has been using it since 8 years old but call me old fashioned but i haven’t given her a phone yet. My older child does have a phone but he is not always keeping it charged so he would continually set off the alarm. I found it very easy to integrate the Iris keypad to SHM… just need the delay.

I bought a house with an ADT system. The owner wouldn’t tell me the code. Wtf! I didn’t want to pay and ADT wouldn’t tell me either. I found out how to get into programming mode. But I ripped the damn thing out anyway and pulled off all the ADT stickers from the windows. . .

Does Scout work via SHM alerts? I’m arming SHM for the keypad status. I just have it setup so that it won’t throw a fit if the door opens. I don’t have it configured to use the entry door contact sensors. I’m using SA entry delays on those.

Not sure if I would say it does any alerts. Basically from what I see is that if shm is tripped it starts a process to notify scout. Then if you disarm the process is canceled before they “scout” get the alert or dispatch. All of this is shown within the shm dashboard. The problem is the house goes nuts with lights and in future sounds and sirens. Not good for taking the dog out to pee at night. Also on at the pulse system didn’t work reliably and had lots of issues with their proprietary keypad not trying to kick them but make the argument that with a few tweaks smartthings could be better and more economical

I wouldn’t recommend Scout by a mile because they do not cover smoke/CO based alarms.

use smart alarm… has entry exit delay and since i switched no issues.


There are a variety of ways to arm/disarm the system using physical devices. You can use a button, switch, minimote, etc and the Switch Activates Home Phrase Smart App. You can even use the Iris keypad.

Or is the issue SmartThings doesn’t want you using non-ST devices, so they are waiting to roll out entry/exit delays until they have an official Keypad to sell?

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You could create a virtual contact sensor and motion sensor for each device you have, then use CORE so that when a contact opens or a motion sensor is triggered, there is a 20 second wait before the virtual sensor is opened/closed.
You then use the virtual sensors in your SHM and hopefully by the time the sensor triggers, your presence is detected and SHM is disarmed before the alarm gets triggered.
You can also create CORE rules to avoid a random motion event setting off an alarm by using similar logic and using a rule that when each motion sensor is triggered by motion, the virtual sensor turns on for 60 seconds and then off again. If two Virtual sensors are triggered in this window, the alarm goes off.

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I also use Smart Alarm with an IRIS keypad and if it works it works. But the biggest problem is the remote processing. If I exit the house I have 30 seconds and the keypad beeps. If I enter and there was a problem with remote processing then the delay is not activated on entering and the alarm sounds. It would be great if processing was local.

i use smart alarm (my modified version) with my own device for notfications and to remove alerts.

I use the arrival sensors to automatically disarm when one or more arrives and the system is armed. I also arm when both leave.

Finally i set the door unlocking via code to automatically disarm as well…

as said before only issue is I tell people to wait 10 seconds after unlocking a door to enter.

smart alarm is link to the mode, so it also arms stay automatically at night when the mode changes to night mode at a certain time.

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