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New to Smarthings and it was been treating me well so far. I’m able to do the simple stuff like arm/disarm my alarm system based on the presence of two people. And I am able to arm the alarm system every night.

One thing I tried but it didn’t successfully work was to disarm the system in the morning based on if someone is home vs if we were not home (on vacation). Even though we were home in the morning, the system did not disamred. I’m pretty sure it’s my wrong understanding of how modes work. But this is what I tried.

I setup an Away Mode and a Home Mode. My intention is for it being whether someone was Home vs we both were out of the house. In the Away routine, I change the mode to “Away”, and automatically perform “Away” when everyone leaves. In the Home routine, I change the mode to “Home”, and automatically perform “Home” when someone arrives.

In my Morning disarm routine, I just tell smart home to disarm at a certain time when not in one of the two modes.

I’d appreciate any help.

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Are you using smart home monitor or are you using the new ADT/smartthings security panel? The process is somewhat different for the two of these.

Assuming you are using smart home monitor, the first thing is to make sure you understand the difference between modes and smart home monitor armed states. Just changing the mode will not change the armed state. So start by reading the following FAQ (this is a clickable link), and see if that helps at all.

If that doesn’t clear it up, come back here and post a screenshot of the exact screens you were using for the routine, and then we should be able to help. But first read that thread.

I am have a Vista 21IP Security Panel with an Envisalink, but used one of the SmartApps developed here to integrate the panel with the Smart Home Monitor. So I am using the Smart Home Monitor to Arm/Disarm.

The screenshots I’m posting are for the following Routines:

That part looks OK as long as you only want the disarm to work on Saturday and Sunday.

Did you check to make sure that the house was actually in home mowed before it was time for the routine to run?

I ask because recently there have been some problems with presence.

Also, I would definitely report this to support, because it does look like everything is set up right based on the screenshots you have.

Yes. The one I posted was my weekend routine.

How do I make sure my house was in Home mode?

Would it have been because I had set this up last night when we were already home? Did we have have to leave and come back to initialize?

If you set it up last night and the mode was “away” then, yes, there wouldn’t have been anything to change the mode to Home before the routine ran this morning.

You can check which mode your hub is in by tapping on the “more” tab with the hamburger icon in the lower right of the mobile app screen. Then you should see the current mode at the top of that screen.

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Thanks! Looks like the modes are properly set now

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