Can I delay a Home Monitor "intrusion alert?"

When I had a pay/professional security system in a former house, if unauthorized entry was detected, the alarm wouldn’t go off for about 30 seconds. This was valuable, because it gave me time to walk over and type in my code/disarm the security system.

Now I have Smartthings, and the MOMENT I walk in the door, the intrusion alert in my home monitor is set off. I have the @RBoy lock smartapp installed that sets my home monitor to “HOME” (disarm) when I type my door code into my lock, but the signal doesn’t reach smartthings in time.

TL/DR: Is there a way to make SmartThings delay an intrusion alert for 10-15 seconds, to give my lock time to send an “It’s all good, set home monitor to home/disarm.”?


This is my first post in the community, so if this is the wrong place to post this, please let me know!

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You can’t do it with Smart Home Monitor but there is another app called Smart Alarm that will allow a delay. Go to Marketplace, SmartApps, Safety & Security. Smart Alarm is listed there. You will need to not configure SHM and allow Smart Alarm to manage your contact and motion sensors.

There is also another community based app called Rule Machine that will allow you to build rules. It is worth looking into. It’s not related to security but allows quite a bit of functionality that is not part of the standard SmartThings platform.


Did you manage to solve this? “Smart Alarm” I’m not sure will work for me.

It’s on the community’s “wish-list” for SHM to have entry and exit delays baked in but so far no luck. Hopefully they will impliment it sooner rather than later.


Done. It’s a kludge, but it works. Delay for Intrusion Alert in SHM - Success!.

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