Too many false alarms

ST does not always recognize when me or my wife arrive causing the alarm to go off, this is really annoying because there is a siren set up. Any advice on how delay the alarm somehow? OR is there something that can be done to ensure ST recognizes someone is home? Are there any key pads out there that might delay the alarm a bit so that it has enough time to recognize when someone gets home? Thank you

Are you using the v2 Hub? What are the rules (Routines, webCoRE, etc) that are setup triggering off of to disarm your hub? What are the devices that are representing whether you have arrived or left (ST Arrival Sensor, Mobile Presence, Door lock being unlocked via pin code)?

My SHm Delay SmatApp should be able to fix that issue without additional hardware, assuming your presensce kicks in within 60 seconds of your arrival…

One of the latest posters using the app correctied a similar condition

Arn B

We are using our phones to trigger when we arrive or leave, and used a st sensor but had the same problem. I do not have the new hub. Any suggestions? Thanks!