Wink announces support for a ton of new devices

Reach out to support or mention it in a review.


Is a delay not possible with Webcore?

Webcore can interact with SHM’s status, but it doesn’t control SHM’s logic. If SHM is monitoring for intrusion while armed, webcore can’t just temporarily override that

If a user really wants to they don’t have to use the SHM integration, they could essentially write their own security setup with pistons in web core.

but SHM is integrated into the SmartThings app, web core would require going into your web core dashboard to see status. One is more intuitive than the other in how it is currently being used

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Right, so if I wanted to do a security system without Smart Home Monitor, I could have Webcore turn on a virtual Alarm switch 1 minute after I enter a code on an Iris keypad. Then I could have all my security alarm automations only run when the Virtual Alarm switch is on. This would work right?

Well, the keypad interaction is kinda piecemeal. If you use @bamarayne’s app, then enter code that triggers an action or routine, with webcore triggering Pistons off of these triggered actions, then yes it’d work. But the keypads done natively send their codes to webcore, so you’d have to use keypad coordinator tribe ring virtual switches

Yes, if someone knows how to find and use web core, but web core itself cannot run locally. (No custom code can.)

So if the SmartThings cloud is out or the power is out at your house, there is no way to disarm smart home monitor and no way to use an entry delay. If you have it set up so that opening your door sets off your siren, that’s going to happen. There have been multiple reports of this issue in the forum.


It will work if:

The SmartThings cloud is available
The internet is available
Your hub is on power

Most purpose built security systems can run on their own backup power and send notifications by cellular and still have an entry delay that works if the Internet is out.


Done! Thanks, Vlad.


Hi @vlad,

Just posted my update to the Play store and you may not like the Truth of my Post. Check it out. Hope this Kicks the headquarters into listening to us the community!

@vlad - with all due respect, asking us to submit feature requests for entry/exit delays or mentioning it in reviews is ridiculous. This has been a request FOR YEARS. YEARS! The time to ask nicely is over - where is it on the priority list and what is the ETA?

If you guys can’t prioritize this for whatever reason, then may I suggest you publish a list of the top 5 or 10 most common requests to the community in a poll and we’ll prioritize them for you?


It is unlikely that @vlad sets the priorities for projects like this.

Yes it’s really annoying and obviously lots of people on this forum want this (myself included).

It seems to me that he generally agrees with us, and he is offering a suggestion about how to leave feedback in a manner that someone who does set priorities pays attention to, for better or worse.

Take it or leave it.


It sure has…

e.g., November 2015:

But Community members have come up with clever solutions… Some are very comprehensive…

Vlas is just the messenger in this Topic, and a very helpful one, actually. The message is: Please write to requesting this feature.

The Community Forum has never (?) been used as a measure of customer priorities, for whatever reason. Perhaps we are not considered to be a valid samole set.


Obviously he doesn’t set the priorities - which is why I asked where it falls in the list and the community would be more than happy to help prioritize the requests if they ask for feedback. :slight_smile:

My point is, if a feature has been requested for literally years and the answer is always “send an email” or something of that nature, why bother? Years of doing that obviously hasn’t helped the situation. As much as I like ST, I really wonder what’s going on because they seem pretty quiet and it seems to me that an entry/exit delay would be a big win for them with comparatively little effort.

I also think this is true.

It just seems unlikely that Samsung, and by extension ST, is willing to set major priorities re: hardware, cloud infrastructure, etc. based on the requests/demands of the hundreds or even thousands of customers that make use of this forum (potentially a drop in the bucket when compared to the millions of potential users that use home automation hubs provided by Comcast or other cable/telco/ISPs).

Just my opinion.


We can only guess. Anyone who values their job wouldn’t show all their cards when speaking unofficially with customers in an online forum.

But maybe the people who do set priorities care about bad reviews in the Apple app or google play stores because of the much wider potential audience that will see that negative feedback.


Just wondering to myself - does a ton of new devices actually weigh a ton?


Why yes - yes, they do.


Precisely. It’s marketing dweebs that care about public comments. If they hear enough negative stuff, they’ll bluster until the product manager makes it a priority to the engineers (who probably want it just as badly as you)!

Been there… :sunglasses:


One of those new devices released by Wink is a Siren & Chime and its at a decent price on Amazon, I am interested in ordering it but do not know the support it has for Smartthings. Can anybody weigh in to determine if it will work before I order it or know of any device handler created for it? Thanks