Smart home monitor broken on classic app

I am unable to directly change the smart home monitor state which can be changed from armed-stay, armed-away, disarmed. I see the problem happening in the Smartthings classic app as well as Webcore and in web core it shows that it is unable to read the smart home monitor values. However the automations that I have which arm and disarm the system still seem to work.

I have tried restarting the smart things hub but it doesn’t work.

Update: mar 28, 2020
I called Smartthings support.
First they asked me If I was using the new app or the classic app. I told them classic and they warned me that the classic is deprecated and they will ask everyone to migrate at sometime in the future.

Next they asked me to delete the classic app and clear my safari cache.
I reinstalled the app but the problem persisted.

Next they asked me to login to the Smartthings ide and delete smart home monitor! Warning this will delete your automations living in it.

Lastly I was asked to go reinstall it. But the app is no where in the market place.

My choices now are: wait or find a way to work with the new Smartthings home monitor or do something with webcore

my apps too same issue,