Classic app keeps logging me out

About once a day, or so, my Classic app logs me out. Additionally, it’s been forcing me to re-add the Widgets, which is my primary way of controlling Smart Home Monitor. Just started like 2-3 days ago. Anyone else? Thanks.

Any thoughts of migrating to the new app? :wink:

Thought about it… I haven’t been keeping up with the update process so much. Some of the concerns I had early on:

All of my complex Webcore automation - will it transfer automatically.

Will all of my devices transfer? I use a keypad with custom DTH.

Does the widget still exist to allow me to set routines to arm and disarm the new version of Smart Home Monitor, such that I don’t have to open the app to arm and disarm?

Maybe I’ll download the new app and see how it is.

Still didn’t expect a sudden change to the Classic app to log me out daily. Wondering still if others are experiencing that as well?

Yes but WebCoRE can not control STHM directly in the new app.

Yes they should but some users may require support to sync their data in some cases. Device handlers may need to be updated or replaced to work.

Widgets control scenes in the new app and I don’t believe scenes control STHM but someone may need to confirm that.

Yes, at least try it. FYI, they have announced the end of the Classic app so you should start looking at the new app. Sooner than you think.

One note on WebCoRE, it will change at some point but not clear what will exactly happen in that area.

Great. Now I screwed around with it and I can’t turn off the Smartthings Home Monitor in the new app, but I’m definitely not ready to transition, so I have it running in parallel with SHM in the old app…