Getting Started with SmartHome Monitor - which version

I’ve automated most of my house lights using the Claasic app and have a bunch of various sensors and cameras set up as well. I’d like to set up SmartHome Monitor to get some rudimentary intrusion detection (I realize this is not actually a full-on reliable alarm system). I’ve seen that there are 2 versions, one for the Classic app and one for the new app. Is one better to use than the other? Can I try both at the same time? I’d like to use an Action Tiles powered tablet mounted at my door to arm/dis-arm if that matters. Thanks!

If you’re using action tiles for shm, it has to be classic version.

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Let’s start with the name. In the Classic app, it is called Smart Home Monitor and in the new app it is called SmartThings Home Monitor.

While you can use both at the same time, it is important to note they are two completely separate apps. So if you set up alerts in both, you will need to remember that you will have to go into each one when you need to dismiss/clear alerts when warranted. Also, Arm and Disarmed are completely separate in both apps so when you set it in one, it is not updated in the other app. Confused yet?

If you intend to use ActionTiles, you will need to use Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app.

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Thanks - that made that decision a bit easier :). Are there any tablet based interfaces that work with the new SmartThings Home Monitor? Other than eventual deprecation of Classic, am I giving anything up my not using the new app?

None that I am aware of

Also, it should be noted that you can not use automations to arm/disarm in the new app like you can in the Classic app based on presence.

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Good to know. My family thinks all my presence based automation is creepy anyway. It sounds like sticking with Classic is the right move for me for now. Thanks for all the help!

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You’ve already gotten very good answers, I just wanted to clarify two things. :sunglasses:

  1. you can use both versions of the app at the same time, but it’s really important to understand that the monitor feature is completely independent code and is different for the two apps. monitor Automations set up in one app cannot be dismissed in the other. And the status that you see in one app is only for that app’s version of the monitor feature.

  2. they changed the design philosophy for security features in the new V3 version of the app. You can no longer automate disarming the monitor feature in any way other than opening the app and doing it there. The same is true for unlocking a smart lock. So you can’t base it on Geopresence or location.mode or a button press.

This is fairly common with residential security systems, where they want you to consciously disarm it each time, but it is a big change from the V2 classic app. :disappointed_relieved:

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