Security section in new ST app?

Is there a security section in the new app that is in the classic app?
Used the Away and Disarm with the notifications all the time. Cant find it in the new app…

SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM). You need to add it. Click on the + in the upper right of the screen and choose Add SmartApp. It may be region locked - meaning it may not be available in all countries.

Be advised it is a completely separate app from Smart Home Monitor (SHM) in the Classic app. So changes in one is not reflected in the other app. If there is an alert, you would need to clear it from both apps.

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Thanks, I found it.
Are you not able to Disarm or Arm with using a scene/routine like in the classic app?

You can use Automations. You can add them from the + again in the upper right or in the menu (three bars in the upper left, select Automations and clicking + in upper right there).

There are no Routines in the new app but there are still scenes and smart lighting. Automations are basically the updated version and replacement of Routines for the new app.