Home Monitor Arms Itself

This isn’t the first time this has happened but decided to look at the log and post about it since it is annoying. Yesterday two of us left, both with phones as presence sensors. The home monitor was left disarmed. About an hour later we arrived. According to the log, the following all happened with the few same seconds. The classic app was used to open the garage, our phones “arrived” and the home monitor armed itself to away (after garage door showed open). So, when I opened the door to the house, it triggered the alarm.

I know I have nothing setup to arm or disarm the home monitor and have already double checked that fact. Does anyone else occasionally have this problem or suggestions?


Sounds like the conditional for opening the garage door is reversed (i.e. I would have assumed disarm when opening the garage from the app.) Is there an option in the garage door app for arming/disarming?

usually when “I know” something then I forget to prove it, and hilarity ensues.

Did you confirm your expected details in IDE interface? Are you just using the phone to check?

I think these links wind up at the same IDE place. I’m assuming you are in USA.



Sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy.

Thanks for the replies. I have double checked everything I could, everything is setup the way I intended. Nothing slipped in anywhere. I get the expected results from phone and IDE.

This problem happens at random. For instance, since my initial post, it hasn’t happened again.