SmartThings doesnt auto-disarm. I manually hit disarm but keep getting alerts!

So I have my “I’m back” programmed to manually disarm when I get close to the house. Sometimes, it doesn’t do so (so I got trained to checking the app before opening up) and noticed it’s still ARMED. I hit DISARM and it’s ready to go. I open my garage and get a f***ing alert!! I dismiss it and keep getting alerts everywhere with motion sensors etc and absolutely cannot get it to stop. Only solution I’ve found is to disconnect the damn thing for HOURS at a time and hope that it works. I left it disconnected overnight last night, but still the same thing when I reconnect it. I can’t stand this and it’s annoying because it’s sending alerts to all the family members too and I can’t get it to stop unless it’s disconnected. Any help please and thank you!

I think you’ve fully understood the situation now. In my opinion, this happens too often. You won’t be able to disarm SmartThings Home Monitor “sometimes”. You cannot predict when you will be unable to disarm.

Best not to arm.

Also the profanity seems appropriate.

Can’t tell if you’re trolling or … Either way, I got nothing out of this response. Thanks anyway. Profanity is totally appropriate when it does it way too often and becomes extremely frustrating

Greetings - me too. Disarm doesn’t. 6 mo old system, am just attempting some smarter implementations.
I’ve read posts for past year or so about similar… wondering if you ever got a good answer?

If the cloud is unavailable, there will be no way to change the smart home monitor armed status in the hub. So if either the Internet is out or the SmartThings cloud is down, you’re stuck with whatever armed status your hub was last in. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m new to the Smartthing community and its products. I have the same issue when I’m home and I select disarm. All my motion sensors and door sensors when doors opened/closed send alarms to my cell phone. The only way I found to disarm my motion sensors and door contacts when home is to go into the app under automotion, select SmartApps, then under my notify me when prompt, and remove check marks from each device and hit done and save. They when I leave my home do the same above but this time put the check marks back on each device and them select done and save.

Is there a better way than this?

Does anyone know how the following work in Home Systems Environment and what’s the difference between:

Armed (Away)
Armed (Home)

thank you