Intrusion Detection Bug / Smart Home Monitor Failure


I’ve seen a few threads on this, and they may be related. Apologies in advance if we need to combine, but here is the issue I’m having:

  1. On the Dashboard screen, Smart Home Monitor is “Armed (Away) Everything OK”
  2. I had a phantom motion detection event, and now I am getting “Intrusion Detected!” notices
  3. On Smart Home Monitor screen, I have the red triangle and I cannot clear this screen

In summer, my dashboard is “green” for intrusion, but the actual monitor page is red and cannot be cleared, though it shows “incident dismissed” six times.


Anyone else having this one?

As of this morning my SHM got stuck in an Arm (Away) status, even after I returned home and the mode of my home changed from away to home. I’ve tried manually disarming the SHM, and it just hangs…

I would submit a support ticket, but I already submitted one earlier this week for a different issue with home automation failures, and I have yet to receive a response. I only hope the database upgrade today helps!

I had some on-going (since November) issues related to substantial delays in motion-processing rules. Didn’t happen with v1, only v2.

I’m hoping all the updates this week will help.

This is a new bug.

I had a similar issue and it was easy enough for me to uninstall SHM and reinstall it. I wonder if you could also just run through the settings to force an updated run and accomplish the same.

If you’re using SHM with the all sensors option, it takes less then a minute to uninstall and reinstall

No offense, but why is the standard option to ‘uninstall/reinstall’ or manually update something when the ST platform continually fails. I know you’re not a rep for the company, but I’m burning out on the ST version of ‘just restart the PC’ as a bogus fix to our issues.

Sorry for the rant, but in addition to this most recent SHM issue, I just got a ST support ticket response that the way to fix failing schedules was to go into each schedule and manually update it. I’ve already done that more than once, and guess what, they fail again soon afterwards! Now I have to uninstall SHM to get it working again. I only hope nobody has paid for the monitoring service yet for they will be sorely let down.


I was able to solve this using the install/uninstall method described above; however, it shouldn’t have failed. There were no changes on my side.

The challenges of being on the leading (bleeding) edge!

My SHM status won’t reset after acknowledging alerts either. Been going on for a couple weeks, and some days it works instantly, some days it never works until an known amount of time has passed. Going to let the database upgrade settle down and see if it still won’t update over the weekend.

I’m having a similar issue with SHM. Few days ago I opened a door while SHM was armed. Intrusion siren went off but weirdly SHM didn’t actually register an intrusion event. However now on the dashboard it’s stuck saying “intruder detected.” If I click on SHM I see the “everything ok” green screen. It’s been like this for a few days. I emailed support maybe two days ago, obviously I’ve heard nothing since their response time absolutely sucks recently.