Smart Home Monitor working?

Can anyone confirm that they are using SHM successfully now or is it still acting up?

Not cool at all. My Iris keypads no longer reflect the correct status since I changed to smart alarm ( not saying that’s the cause ) but I’d like to check it and see.

I’ve been using it, and all my issues have been self inflicted… So far

Do you happen to have any sirens connected?

By the way I am not using sirens although I have them connected in ST land.

Is it working reliably? I want to switch back but am afraid the woman of the house will murder me if the siren goes off one more time when it is disarmed.

I said I have it connected but it is not tied to any routine, SHM or anything. :slight_smile:

Ah I see. Ok, I may just disconnect everything except lighting for a while and let things calmn down!

No, I wouldn’t do that to myself. I don’t feel that SmartThings is stable enough for home security yet. Besides even the self inflicted mess ups would have been considerably more annoying with a siren.

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my SHM is stuck on Armed, and it’s not letting me disarm it, anyone ever see this before? I’ve tried restarting the application already, but no lock.

Nevermind, finally got it reset by re-editing the SHM setup for Security and it finally took Disarm. Very Weird!