Smart Garage Door

Hi Guys. I may have to partially redo my garage because of this brutal cold we had. The motor for the door is old & I dont even have a remote to open it. What would I do to make it smart? Can i replace the motor and add the iris or Liner device that I thinks attaches to it or do i need to buy the chamberlin garage door opener. Was not looking to do this until summer but since Im redoing the ceiling I figured now might be the time.

Does it have a wall button inside the garage?

Yes. But there is no outside panel & I don’t have a remote.

It’s loud to that s why I was thinking of putting in a new one. From what I read tjey are quieter.

I like my Chamberlin with MyQ built in. I know others have complained about the integration but the one I got is pretty quiet, has the WiFi built in, works great with MyQ Lite after I added a EcoLink tilt sensor, and has battery backup which I had to use recently when we had a extended 4 day power outage.

If you are buying a new one I would think it would be cheaper to have it built in.

The Linear/Go Control/Iris GD00z will work if your current one. If you get a new one, i’d go the route Allan did. Most of the newer motors with the new security don’t work with the Linear unit.

Can a Chamberlain work with smartthings. I though I read tjey are incompatible now.

If you are replacing the entire door opener just make sure that it’s compatible with the Iris/Linear controllers. Also, you’ll need a 110 outlet fairly close to where you are mounting the smart controller. I have had one on my garage for two years and have never had a problem with it. I think you would be happy with it.

The downside to the Linear/Go Control garage door add-on controllers is that they have a lot of failures within the first year or so.

There are a few threads here on it w/lots of people who’ve had their units die, and I had one that died about 6-8 months in and had to be replaced. (Luckily Amazon replaced it for me free of charge.)

If the My Q controllers have shown themselves to be reliable, and integrate w/ST (I have no knowledge/experience with them) then it may be a better option.

I know that my Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener has been going strong for a year-and-a-half now. We have had three power outages during that time in which the battery kept the thing able to open and close. Plus I got it on sale for $150 and it had the MyQ with WiFi built in so personally I thought that was a steal.

What about the genie garage door opener? Is it just as good as chamberlian? Also I assume no matter what brand I buy I have to purchase the iris zwave or linear gocontrol device to link it to smartthings.

I have a Chamberlin with MyQ too and love it. It’s quiet, controllable with my phone, and based on rules I set up the Chamberlain app, it sends notifications to my phone when it opens or closes. As you mentioned, the battery backup is a very nice feature too. It also shows me the current state of the door and allows me to open and close it remotely as desired. It has been extremely reliable and accurate.

As far as SmartThings integration goes, I could use MyQ Lite, but have chosen not to do so. I know it’d be cool and I’d really like to have it, but IMHO SmartThings is simply not reliable enough to trust putting part of my first line of defense (the garage door) on it. I do have the garage door tied to my FrontPoint security system (which is absolutely rock solid) for additional notifications and warnings. So, having that and the MyQ functionality, I have everything I really feel safe with. I’m just missing the wow factor of having the garage door open itself when I come home - as opposed to pressing a button in the car. Again, really nice to have, but with the current reliability of SmartThings, I don’t trust anything security-based to be on it. Obviously, YMMV :wink:

I agree 100% - went the same direction with MyQ. I did add a window sensor to also show when/if the door is open in ST as well as some rules.

I also do not "trust’ for anything like a door. I still have random lights on, lights off happenings.

MyQ works so well I got an “opened at xxx time” that I’d forgotten I established such a reporting rule.`

Mine replaced a 20 year old Sears - which was made by Chamberlain.
I have no need for battery backup, nor the quiet belt drive, but both are good options if needed.

I have a home backup generator so I don’t need.battery but I see what people r saying. It’s better with Chamberlain & just add a sensor doe basic smart thing integrations.

I’m using Direct Drive / Sommer (very quiet but not too fast) from Homedepot with Gogogate opener( Wi-Fi so you need the app). Never had a failure in over 2 years. Also comes with 2 remotes.