Need help with garage door purchase

Hi guys. I am about to redo my garage & want to replace the old sears garage door opener. Im not sure what to replace it with? I was looking at genie because I know chamberlin has had issues with not playing nice with smart things. Looking at soe reviews, the chamberlin seems to be a better buy so I am unsure if I should purchase the genie or not.

One thing I was looking to do once the garage door is replaced was to automate it so when my daughter comes home with her nurse, they go through the garage door because of her stroller/wheel chair and i would like to make it open automatically one they are dropped off.

oh…the model i looked at was a genie silentmax connect door opener with aladdin connect. I was looking at the quiet openers because my sons room is right above.

Here are my 2 cents… I would look at the garage door opener and the control mechanism separately. I assume your opener motor will last 10 years or more while you will probably replace the control mechanism (e.g. GoContrrol) before that because of newer technology.


I wouldn’t get a smart door opener. Just a basic good quality standard opener. Then look at the Iris or similar device to add the “smarts”. These can be purchased for $80 all day while a “smart door opener” will add $100s to the cost.

How about $60 for the “Smarts”? Here’s how:

Coupon to take off $15


Ok so buy the motor & connector sepretly? I was also asking about the people’s option on the two brands…Chamberlain & genie.

Reply above. I have installed at least 10 of the Iris openers with absolutely no issues. Mines have been rock solid as well.

Ok @rontalley…so just buy the genie door opener with nothing else & add the iris connector. If I add the iris connector does that give me the ability to control the door remotely & can I automate it?

Once the device is added to SmartThings, you can automate whatever you like!

I typically use webCoRE for most things now-a-days. It’s a rock solid rule engine where only your mind limits the possibilities.

Here’s an example of a simple garage piston:

Take also a look at Direct Drive (Sommer) at Home Depot. Extremely quiet (I have 2).

They may be regional - although I’ve heard of the Brand, I’ve never seen them in a HD (or any other box store) here in Ohio.

To the OP

ANY belt drive will be quieter. For one of the quietest - Liftmaster has a jackshaft model. You will not find them in most Box stores.

I have a chamberlain opener HD520ev that does not use just a standard ‘doorbell’ type contact to open/close. Rather, the wired button is sending a code. So the Lowes and other ‘universal’ gateway devices don’t work with this opener. :frowning:

As this unit is already about five years old I’m guessing that most newer openers don’t accept such ‘universal’ devices as the Lowes gateway.

After the Alexa-myQ interface died I’ve managed to at least utilize Chamberlain notifications to drive actions via Sharptools. Nonetheless, it’s a PITA to have to “play by their rules” rather than have my own garage opener do as I wish in my own home.

Anyway, definitely be careful when purchasing an opener that it does accept universal gateway devices and does not leave you at the mercy of Chamberlain. They suck, they really do. Just a bit of info here: I squawked a bit on their own forum for awhile. They offered to have me participate in some programs… but at the cost of becoming legally prohibited from criticizing their products and policies! I refused that offer. Thankfully. Because had I accepted it, the Alexa interfacevwould still be broken for me… and I would not be able to warn anyone about it.

Ok guys I bought a genie with the Aladin connect. Can i tie that into smart things? What I’m hoping to do is tie the door opening to when my daughter cp Mrs home with her nurse. She has equipment that she has to have with her so they always go into the house through the garage. I didn’t put the opener in yet. That s gonna be done by somebody else tomorrow.

Oh…how I wanted to tie the door opening automatically was with using the arrival sensor.

Could this be done…hook up iris door opener next to the aladin?

@rontalley I bought the genie with Aladin but the Aladin is not built in. Can I hook up the Aladin and iris?

Daniel, do you have the Sommer opener integrated with ST? If so what device is controlling it? I have a relay hooked up to my existing opener since it just has a doorbell style button and curious if that would work for this opener. Based on reading the manual I suspect that won’t work give the wall controller has several buttons using two wires back to the opener.

I do, for two doors but not directly. See this Garage door opener using Inovelli NZW37
But you don’t need to do the changes (I did them for I wanted dry contacts built in and the sample I got from @Eric_Inovelli was the older Show Home brand that did not have all functions).
Get Inovelli NZW37

and any relay with 120V AC coil. Attach (solder) two wires between relay coil and a regular plug that you plug in one of the outlets. Include module in Smartthings. Connect two wires from a NO contact to garage door opener. In the mobile app go to settings and you’ll find one to automatically turn off after a number of seconds that you set (this is the only module with that function that I know of).
That’s it.

Edit: Here are two possible relays

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are you sure about this, because most garage door systems send a code as you alude to through the remote openers but just have a single pair of wires inside the garage. The reasoning is once you are in the garage you are past the security anyway

The ones you know.
Sommer has both rolling code remote and terminals for switches.

Actually, most garage door openers have a radio module inside that control the motor through a contact closure. Manufacturers just don’t make it available outside the case so you cannot use a $5 button.