Chamberlain MyQ vs Iris Garage Door Controller


Looking for a comparison between the MyQ (WiFi) and the Lowes (Zwave) garage door controllers. ($129 vs $99)
Anyone have experience with both?

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I’d like to know too. This is one thing my hubby wants added to our setup. When we were with Wink we were going to get a MyQ but now with Smartthings I’m not sure which works (if any?)

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I have the MyQ system for older openers and it works fine. There is a good thread that helps a lot in the setup of the door names…I couldn’t use friendly names for some reason and needed to find the door ID(s) in the IDE logs.


I have a 5 year old Chamberlain garage door opener and I need to automate it soon.

MyQ - Wifi
Linear - Z-wave

I am leaning towards Linear because it is Z-Wave and it would also act as a repeater for the Z-Wave signal. If my detached garage is far from my house how well does MyQ work…

Who has used both and what should a first timer purchase for use with Smartthings???



@Kooltaco, personally I’d go the MIMOLite route:

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I have not used both, but FWIW, here is why I chose Chamberlain (and would again in a heartbeat):

1.) Among the best customer support I have ever experienced.

2.) SmartThings has announced they are working with Chamberlain for an official integration; but the one I am using has been flawless (provided no glitches in SmartThings platform).

3.) Official Chamberlain/Liftmaster app and web portal (with its own rules engine) for when SmartThings is not working up to snuff and gives me false status. This has been rock solid BTW, unlike SmartThings.

To me, these seem like pretty compelling reasons to go with Chamberlain.


Thanks for the advice👍

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I have both and agree that Chamberlain/LiftMaster is the way to go. Never fails to auto close which is most important to me.

Linear/Iris on my spare garage flakes out with power outages or flickers. You have to manually open and close with a wall button to reset it. And if it opens and closes once after xx minutes by smartapp, it won’t go automatic close again unless I manually button open/close again to reset. I think that’s what is happening, some kind of safety block.

Basically, what’s most important to me is always closing if left open for 10 minutes in all scenarios unless sensors are blocked. MyQ never fails, IRIS does.