Automate my kenwood coffee maker

My Kmix coffee maker comes with a manual push start button
The manual push start button will turn off automatically when power is off. When the power is on, the coffee maker needs to be switched on by pressing the start button.
I would like to replace it with a rocker switch so that I can leave the rocker switch in a permanent ON position and control the brewing via a smart plug

Anyone knows how to do this?
I just need to prepare the coffee n water the night before so that I can use ST or Alexa to power on the machine to start the brewing the next morning as and when I want it.

I use a $10 Mr. Coffee pot and a $12 Peanut Plug. The “good” thing about this setup is it doesn’t turn off automatically (unless my ST mode switches to away). I leave the rocker on all the time and turn the pot off my using the button on the plug, alexa, or smartthings.

If you’re asking how to modify your coffee maker, I really don’t know. But for $10 bucks you can grab the base model, and it has lasted me almost a decade.

Unfortunately I just gotten a new coffee maker and it comes with a push button;not a rocker switch.
So a smart plug will not work
It needs me to push the button to start the brew

Anyway I am looking at a switch bot or a microbot

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If the Mr.Coffee were a good coffeemaker, that’s what I’d do. But its heating element is inconsistent, so the coffee is not great.

I’m hoping Amazon, which is marketing a $60 Alexa-enabled microwave, will see fit to include their receiver in a decent coffee maker for a decent price.

I’ve never noticed the heating element being off on the coffee maker, and it’s always tasted good to me.
That being said I’m not very picky, so maybe I’m off on what tastes good. As long as it’s hot, black and stronger than anyone else will drink then I’m happy! Good luck