(Cassidy) #1

With the recent sale on PEQ sensors at Best Buy I thought it was time for a weekend project. There was one appliance I use on a daily basis that I had not yet integrated with SmartThings. SmartCoffee is comprised of an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch along with a PEQ moisture sensor. The moisture sensor must detect water before the energy switch is allowed to turn on, and notifications are sent to let you know the brewing progress. The SmartApp also leverages HAM Bridge for audible alerts letting me know the coffee is ready.

My SmartApp used can be found at my GitHub here:

And my step-by-step writeup is out on

(Eric R) #2

I have the same exact coffee maker! (Minus the moisture sensor) :thumbsup:

(Cassidy) #3

It’s the perfect no-frills coffeemaker for the job. The difficult part was convincing the fiancé that a “dumb” coffeemaker was a better purchase than one with built in timer functions

(Tim Slagle) #4

Hot water and coffee grounds is all you need! :smile:

(Viren Patel) #5

I was trying to figure out an easy to change coffee timer for my percolator which is attached to a smart outlet. Currently I have a timer via smartthings to turn on at the same time everyday but it would be nice if I could easily modify it via the app control for the outlet in things instead of going into 12 different screens before changing the time.

(Eric R) #6

You could use SmartRules:

(Cassidy) #7

Another option would be to setup multiple virtual switches/momentary buttons - (Percolator 15 min, Percolator 20 min, etc.) tied to different SmartApps that turn on the percolator for a set amount of time, then off. Then you would only be triggering one Thing for the desired result.

(Viren Patel) #8

So those options as far as time and duration are within the smartthings settings so I have it setup to turn on at 4am and run for 20 mins and then turn off. However, the issue is on my days off my wife still goes to work and unless i got through the all the settings for her, she can’t easily change the time. I have started looking into ifttt with smarthings and our calenders to find out when to turn on…I just dont feel ifttt is reliable at times.

(Cassidy) #9

Would it work to trigger it from motion in between a certain timeframe? Or are you turning it on before you wake up?