Espresso coffee machine

Hey all!

The wife just got a new “dumb” espresso coffee maker.

I smartified it with a zwave plug I had.

Let’s see, the main use, mornings round 6-8.30 am…

I can already turn it on with motion in a nearby sensor… but!

How do I turn it off without spoiling the coffee?

Even more important, sometimes after lunch or in the afternoon, we might want (need?) a cup… what would the best approach to this second use case be?

I have a Logitech Harmony Home controller I can use… just in case…

All ideas welcome!


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Do you have a smart things hub? If so, you could use CoRE and create a piston where you can set it to turn off X minutes after it turns on. That way you make sure its only on for a few minutes.
If Coffee maker switch turns to on
Then using Coffee make switch

For your post lunch case, If you have an Amazon Echo, you could say something like “Turn the coffee maker on” and that should switch it on. Once again, the CoRE piston in place will make sure it turns off after X minutes.

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I do have a smartthings hub, why would I be here if I didn’t? Lol!

About the CoRE… I’m not much of a programmer :sweat: so you kinda lost me there… but it sounds like what I need!

And about the Echo, yup, that could be it, if Amazon would start selling it in Europe! Lol!

EDIT: How about a physical switch like the Hue Tap to turn it on/off? Would it do? I refer to the Tap because that one doesn’t require electricity… as far as I know…

ok, so let me give it a try on how you can install CoRE. You don’t need to be a programmer.
So here are the steps

  1. Go to and register as a developer. The registration process is the same as you would follow on most sites
  2. Once you Log in, click on the “My SmartApps” link. Its one of the links on the top of the page
  3. On this page, click on the +New SmartApp button (on the top of the right of the page)
  4. On this page, you will see three tabs, “From Form”, “From Code”, “From Template”. Click on the “From Code”
  5. Now open a new window and go to this URL:
  6. Ctrl+ A to select all and Ctrl +C to copy what’s on the entire page
  7. Go back to your page from Step 4.
  8. Paste (Ctrl+V) on to the text area on this page
  9. Click Create (on the bottom of the page)
  10. Go back to the top of the page and hit Save. Then Hit Publish (For me)
  11. Now go to your app on your device and go to Marketplace.
  12. Go to Smartapps and at the bottom of that page, go to My Apps
  13. You should find CoRE there. Install it and you are all set with CoRE

Let me know once you get here and I can then share steps to create a piston if you still need help

I don’t have any experience with Tap, so cannot comment unfortunately


Awesome! Done in ten minutes, including testing! Precisely what I needed!

Now I’ll have to bug Amazon for them to sell the Echo here in sunny Spain!

Thanks mate!